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    #1 trainer of finance professionals: 25,000+ people per year
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  • In 2020, more top banks moved to WSP than to any other provider
  • Our online platform is used by 7 of the top 10 global investment banks

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What We Do
  • Summer Intern Programs
  • Promotion & Career Milestone Programs
  • Entry Programs
  • Continuing Professional Development

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How We Do It
  • Integration of Client Content into Classroom
  • Individualized Learning Journeys From the Date of Hire
  • Largest Catalog of Online Courses (That Bankers Actually Use)
  • Industry Leading Engagement for Pre-hire Training

Areas of Investment Banking Training


  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Interpreting Non GAAP Reports
  • Navigating Financial Reports
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Accounting in Emerging Markets

Financial Modeling

  • Financial Statement Modeling
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling
  • Impact of Tax Reform on Financial Models
  • Modeling Private Companies
  • Constructing an Operating Model
  • How to Check Models and Catch Mistakes

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • (M&A) Modeling
  • Advanced M&A Accounting
  • Sell Side & Buys Side Deal Process
  • Middle Market M&A Considerations
  • Stock Sales vs Asset Sales
  • Understanding Divestitures
  • Hostile Takeovers


  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Comparable Transaction Analysis
  • Advanced Valuation Techniques
  • Impact of Tax Reform on Corporate Valuation
  • Corporate Finance

Excel & PowerPoint

  • Excel Crash Course
  • Advanced Excel for Finance
  • Excel VBA Programming
  • PowerPoint for Beginners
  • PowerPoint Speed Training
  • Presentation Best Practices

Data Science

  • Data Analysis For Finance
  • Data Analysis in Python
  • Data Visualization
  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Analyzing Messy Client Data

Sales & Trading

  • Financial Markets & Economics
  • Fixed Income Fundamentals
  • Fixed Income Derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Foregin Exchange

Capital Markets

  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Leveraged Finance
  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Equity Capital Markets

Financial Institution Group (FIG) Training

  • Bank Industry Analysis
  • Bank Forecasting and Modeling
  • Bank Valuation
  • Analyzing an Insurance Company


  • Fundamentals of Financial Restructuring
  • Modeling a Bankruptcy
  • Surviving Month 1 of Restructuring IB
  • Waterfall Modeling

Alternative Investments (PE and VC)

  • Capitalization Table Modeling
  • Interpreting VC Term Sheets
  • Private Equity Deal Analysis
  • Advanced Leveraged Buyout Analysis
  • Private Company Analysis

Energy / Oil & Gas

  • E&P Industry Modeling
  • Midstream Industry Modeling
  • Refining Oil & Gas Industry Modeling
  • O&G Financial Statement Modeling
  • O&G Valuation and M&A Modeling

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Analysis Fundamentals
  • Modeling Multifamily Real Estate
  • Modeling REITs
  • REIT Valuation

Industry Specific Training

  • Project Finance
  • Healthcare Industry Foundations
  • SOTP Analysis
  • Maritime Industry Fundamentals

Credit Analysis

  • Fundamentals of Credit Analysis
  • Practitioner’s Guide to Bond and Fixed Income Math
  • Analyzing Capital Structure
  • Advanced Credit Training

Professional Skills

  • Presentation Training
  • Business Writing
  • Skills for Negotiating Transactions
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Analyst Soft Skills
  • Associate Soft Skills

Our online platform is purpose-built for the Investment Banking and Capital Markets experience

"Our platform is specifically designed to support the investment banking experience. Our goal is to create a seamless and continuous learning journey from internship to continuing development efforts later in a finance professional's career."

Matan Feldman
CEO, Wall Street Prep
  • Content Breadth

    • Comprehensive content for IB and capital markets
    • 150+ online courses, 2,400+ “bite sized” lessons
    • Custom Learning Journeys
    • Assessments and certifications
  • Continuous Learning

    • Intern Training
    • Entry programs
    • Promotion training (Associate and VP promotion, etc)
    • Continuing development: Industry and product specific training
  • Technology = engagement

    • Mobile friendly and available offline
    • Powerful Search
    • Curated Recommendations
    • Powerful admin dashboards and reporting
  • Admin Tools

    • Measure your ROI with simple, clear metrics
    • See how different groups are doing with Cohort Analysis
    • Add your firm’s branding and logo

4 out of the 5 top middle market investment banks choose Wall Street Prep to train their new hires

We are experienced training in the middle market and have developed specific content of particular relevance for middle market transactions:

  • Operating model architecture
  • Working with messy data
  • Private company analysis
  • Middle market M&A processes

"The types of analysis middle market firms perform day-to-day is very different from bulge brackets. So while it’s easier for a training company to deliver generic training it is not a relevant experience for the learner. We partner with our clients customize training so that training is directly relevant to the analyst’s day to day work.”

Michael Stack, Wall Street Prep Senior Instructor
Last year, 4 of the top 5 Middle Market Investment Banks chose us to train their interns, new hires and existing professionals.

World Class Instructors are Made, Not Born

The instructor is the key to a successful classroom experience. All Wall Street Prep instructors are experienced investment bankers, private equity and investment professionals who give training real-world context by connecting it to their own experience on the desk.

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"Good bankers don’t necessarily translate into good teachers. We invest considerably in instructor development, including comprehensive training programs and recurring development sessions that improve training content and teaching skill."

Gracie Pajonk,
Wall Street Prep Director of Talent Acquisition

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