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Boost Add-In for Excel Now Available

We are very excited to announce the launch of the Boost Add-In for Excel.

The Boost Add-In, now available for download to Wall Street Prep visitors, is an all-in-one suite of time saving keyboard shortcuts, formatting, and auditing tools designed specifically for people who build financial models in Excel.

Boost is  an up-to-date alternative to Dealmaven’s FastTrack. Key features include:

  • A fully functioning classic 2003 menu (in ’07 and ’10 Excel)
  • Easily understand long formulas with the powerful ‘Precedents’ and ‘Dependents’ Tool
  • Create custom formatting and color cycles
  • Easily assign custom shortcuts to all of Boost’s features
  • Automatically color input, calculation, and reference cells based on custom preferences
  • And much more!

Available Only Through WSP Analytics: To download a free version of Boost, paste www.wspanalytics.com into your browser or click on the link below. Currently, Boost is compatible only with Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010.

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