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open quotesNever having had an I-Banking internship, I was still able to land an interview at a top tier Investment Bank and feel completely confident about any technical questions they may ask me. With my completion of the program, there should be absolutely no doubt as to my ability to perform at the same level or above as somebody with previous I-Banking experience. Obrigado!" — Eric Mendez, Parkland, FL

open quotesMy goal was to acquire basic understanding on financial modeling. I was very satisfied with the appropriateness of the course to my needs, that the program has enhanced my competitive profile in pursuing my career goals, and with Wall Street Prep's Self Study Program overall." — Moto Hasegawa, Kashiwa Chiba, Japan

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  • LBO Modeling
  • Accretion Dillution
  • DCF Modeling
  • Comps and more!

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