Wall Street Prep

Equip your students with the skills I-bankers use most

There is simply no better way to prepare students for a career in finance than to teach them the practical skills bankers actually use everyday on the job.

Wall Street Prep’s Student Passport picks up where the academic textbook leaves off to teach students the real-world Excel, financial analysis and Powerpoint skills bankers use most before taking them step-by-step through the financial and valuation model-building process.

It gives them the opportunity to take a deeper dive into advanced modeling and shows them how to display these skills during recruitment.

Wall Street Prep online training is used at some of the world’s top business schools

Key Features

  • Real-World IB Training

    These are the same comprehensive training courses our corporate clients use to prepare and assess their analysts and associates.

  • Learning by Doing

    Trainees “learn by doing” by working through practical exercises and building financial models from scratch using real case studies.

  • Bite-sized Searchable Video

    Our courses are broken into short, searchable video lessons perfect for dialing up on demand.

  • Downloadable video

    Students can download individual video lessons or the entire course for on-the-go use.

  • Targeted Lesson Plans

    Admins can increase usage by creating targeted lesson plans with assignments and due dates.

  • Admin Tracking

    Real-time tracking tools give training admins a look at student’s course progress and exam scores.

  • Leaderboards

    Students see how they rank among others in their group. Promotes usage and engagement.

  • Intuitive Course Platform

    Our learning platform’s clean design makes courses and lessons extremely easy to navigate.

  • Course Support

    Students can communicate directly with instructors by asking questions throughout each course.

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    The Wall Street Prep course library

    Wall Street Prep’s Student Passport starts with foundational courses, progresses through core financial modeling and teaches students how to display these skills during recruitment and interviews.

    • Accounting and FSA

      • Introduction to accounting
      • The income statement
      • The balance sheet
      • Assets: inventory, PP&E
      • Liabilities and equity
      • The cash flow statement
      • Financial statement analysis
    • Analyzing Financial Reports

      • Layout and composition of financial reports such as the 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, S-4, S-1 and more
      • Critical disclosures in the annual filing
      • Reading and understanding financial footnotes
      • Identifying patterns in reports to improve analysis efficiency
    • Crash Course in Excel

      • Navigation within Excel
      • Entering and editing data within Excel
      • Logical, date & concatenation functions
      • Lookup functions & data tables
      • Mathematical and text functions
      • Sorting, pivots and filter tables
      • Recording macros, custom formatting
    • The Ultimate Excel VBA Course

      • Automating data entry forms
      • Mastering the CELLS and RANGE objects
      • Creating multiple variable styles
      • Customizing the VBA editor and understand all the toolbars
      • Recording and writing macros from scratch
    • Corporate Finance

      • Time value of money
      • Valuing bonds and stocks
      • PV formula, NPV approach
      • Valuation exercises
      • Ranking capital projects
      • Cost of Capital, WACC and capital structure
    • PowerPoint for Business and Finance

      • Understanding master slides
      • Formatting and guidelines
      • Communication strategy
      • Investment banking templates: the pitchbook, the executive summary, etc.
      • Step-by-step deck creation exercises
    • Advanced Accounting

      • GAAP vs non-GAAP
      • Deferred taxes and net operating losses
      • Inter-company investments
      • Debt accounting – PIK, capitalized interest, OID & OIP
      • Capital lease accounting
    • Acing the Technical Finance Interview

      • Breaking down the technical interview
      • Accounting questions
      • DCF and Comps valuation questions
      • M&A questions
      • LBO questions
    • Acing the Qualitative Finance Interview

      • How to tell your story
      • The most common qualitative interview questions
      • Open-ended questions
      • Close-ended questions
      • Anecdotal questions
      • Skills questions
    • Financial Statement Modeling

      • Excel settings and modeling best practices
      • Modeling the historical income statement
      • Forecasting the balance sheet
      • Long term assets & liabilities
      • Modeling EPS
    • DCF Modeling

      • Valuation methodologies deconstructed
      • Enterprise value relationships
      • Calculating free cash flows using the unlevered valuation approach
      • Discounting the cash flows and calculating value
      • Sensitivity analysis
    • LBO modeling

      • LBO Basics: capital structure, term loans, the revolver
      • Structure of PE firms & investor dynamics
      • Modeling a real LBO
      • LBO exit & returns analysis
      • Pro forma balance sheet adjustments
    • M&A Modeling

      • Building a robust merger model
      • Calculating shares outstanding
      • Allocating purchase price and calculating goodwill
      • Building a pro forma income statement
      • Revenue, EBITDA, and net income contribution analysis
    • Trading Comps Modeling

      • Set evaluation benchmarks and select comparable companies
      • Gather appropriate financial history and projections
      • Normalizing operating results
      • Input financial data
      • Present comps by structuring output schedule
    • Transactions Comps Modeling

      • Calculating purchase premiums
      • Understanding pricing structures: fixed vs. floating, collars, and walk-away rights
      • Best practices for incorporating synergy assumptions and appropriately calculating unaffected pre-deal share prices

    The Wall Street Prep Quicklesson Series

    7 Free Financial Modeling Lessons

    Get instant access to video lessons taught by experienced investment bankers. Learn financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel shortcuts.