Past Participants Speak

The seminar covers the core and essential skills an investment banker needs for valuation analysis.
Kristi L. — U.S.-based Investment Bank

Excellent materials, content, and rigor!
Bruce K. — Global Investment Bank

Gets into many advanced concepts necessary for I-banking
Rich K. — Global Investment Bank

Like B-school on steroids, fast yet with a lot of detail
Kevin F. — Fortune 500 Company

Program is very organized. Handbook allows you to practice at home, and instructor is very informative
Jason K. — Private Equity Firm

Really bridged the gap as a training program.
Ari A. — Investment Advisory Firm

Great overview of modeling fundamentals as well as understanding overall M&A process.
Justin R. — Private Equity Firm

Excellent instruction and direct relevance to job needs.
T.L. — Fortune 500 Company

If someone is looking to make the switch into a career involving this type of valuation work, this seminar provides an excellent starting point to develop an understanding.
Robert R — Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Great way to get modeling and valuation in a limited time.
Christopher B. — M&A Advisory Firm

Very thorough and instructor very knowledgeable.
Kyu L. — Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Very informative and well presented.
Chris H. — Global Accounting Firm

Very practical and applicable.
Eric S. — Global Investment Management Firm

Helpful to understand all valuation techniques.
Andrew C. — Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Excellent fundamentals on financial statement analysis and excel.
J.W. — Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

It gives a really good overview of M&A transactions.
Taryn S. — Fortune 500 Company

It is exactly what MBA programs fail to provide
Scott E. — Investment Advisory Firm

Excellent overall introduction to financial modeling.
Name withheld — Firm withheld

Great preparation for anyone in the industry.
Steve F. — Fortune 500 Company

Very relevant to I-Banking, teaches exactly what we need to know
Mac D. — Investment Bank

Very directed at job- relevant topics, no wasted time/topics.
Marshall S. — Global Investment Management Firm

I am in private equity and never received any investment banking like training nor do I have my MBA. This class has given me an excellent entry level look into some important topics and has taught me valuable skills.
Carlo L. — Private Equity Firm

Definitely enjoyed it. Think it was very well organized and materials were organized well to ensure we covered all topics.
Michael N. — Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Great learning experience breaks things down step by step.
Ryan S. — U.S.-based Investment Bank

Course should serve as excellent review to finance majors especially the handouts they are excellent, illustrative and self explanatory!
Sandy L. — Global Investment Management Firm

The materials are exceptional!
Mark C. — Corporate Law Firm

A necessity for I banking.
Marwan R. — Bulge Bracket Investment Bank

Lots of great information, good materials to review and study from. Really professional, knowledgeable instructor.
Alexandra S. — Fortune 500 Company