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The 13-Week Cash Flow Model
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The 13-Week Cash Flow Model

64 Lessons
5h 10m
19,258 Students

Learn how to build an Integrated 13-week cash flow model step-by-step.

Why you should take this cash flow modeling course

What You'll Learn
Integrated 13-Week Cash Flow Modeling
Working Capital & Other Rollforwards
Borrowing Base & Revolver/DIP Modeling
Reconciling EBITDA to the 13-Week Cash Flow
Case Manager and Multiple Scenarios
Converting Monthly to Weekly Forecasts
General Ledger Accounting Mapping Best Practices
  • Complete 13-Week Cash Flow (TWCF) Training: This course is a step-by-step buildup of a fully integrated 13-week cash flow model in the context of a turnaround and financial restructuring.
  • Not Just Concepts – Real World Modeling: Using a case study, you will build a fully-integrated model as you would on the job. This is the only course available that teaches complex model mechanics for a 13-week cash flow model while weaving the motivations of the various stakeholders during both in court or out of court turnarounds.
  • Excel Model Templates Included: Complete 13-Week Cash Flow Model template included with this course

Who is this program for?

  • Turnaround Consultants & Advisors
  • Restructuring Investment Banking Professionals
  • Distressed Debt Investors
  • FP&A and Corporate Finance
  • Private Equity Professionals

Wall Street Prep delivers restructuring training to some of the world's leading turnaround consulting & advisory firms, investment banks and distressed debt funds

Course Samples

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Getting organized with the TWCF
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Modeling 30000 foot view
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Building a case manager into a TWCF

Get the 13-Week Cash Flow Modeling Certification

Trainees are eligible to take the WSP The 13-Week Cash Flow Modeling Certification Exam for 24 months from the date of enrollment. Those who complete the exam and score above 70% will receive the certification. The exam is a challenging 1-hour online examination covering the most difficult concepts covered in the program.

Course Highlights

  • Taught by experienced professionals

    Our instructors are former finance professionals and consultants who know what it takes to build great looking decks during deals and client engagements.

  • The same employee training used at top firms

    This is the same course our corporate clients use to teach their finance professionals and consultants how to build better pitchbooks and client decks.

  • Breeze though lesson videos at 1.5x & 2x speed

    Save loads of time by bumping up playback speed to breeze through lessons at your own pace.

  • Get instructor support throughout the course

    Have a question on course content? Communicate directly with instructors by asking questions throughout the course.

Course TOC

Introduction to the TWCF
1 TWCF Course Welcome 5:56
2 Introduction to the TWCF 5:56
3 TWCF as a decision making tool 4:40
4 An example of a TWCF AHP 4:58
5 Non-operating disbursements 2:03
6 Lyondell's TWCF 6:22
American Home Products Case Study
7 AHP case study introduction 6:08
8 AHP Case Study: 363 sale "Stalking Horse Bidder" 3:09
9 AHP case study: Credit bidding 3:53
10 AHP Case Study: The role of the TWCF 4:42
Introduction to TWCF Modeling
11 Introduction to TWCF modeling 3:50
12 Introducing the TWCF model case study 4:25
13 Catalyst for distress 2:29
14 Getting organized with the TWCF 4:23
15 TWCF model architecture 2:41
16 Company information provided 3:52
TWCF Modeling Step-by-Step
17 Modeling 30000 foot view 3:20
18 AR rollforward 15:56
19 Modeling disbursements 6:19
20 AR rollforward complete 5:02
21 Non-receivables receipts 6:09
22 Forecasting empoyee wages 2:55
23 Payroll Excel solution 2:02
24 Wages payable rollforward 1 2:34
25 Wages payable rollforward 2 2:43
26 Inventory rollforward intro 4:11
27 DOH and inventory turnover 3:18
28 Interpreting inventory KPIs 1:09
29 Building the inventory rollforward 10:27
30 Accounts payable rollforward intro 1:14
31 DPO calculation and KPI discussion 2:27
32 Building the AP rollforward 3:01
33 Forecasting inventory disbursements 3:22
34 Rent utilities other disbursements 1:26
35 Modeling other disbursements 2:59
36 Modeling non-operating disbursements 3:40
37 Capital expenditures 1:12
38 Professional fees 1 2:13
39 Professional fees 2 0:54
40 Interest payable and debt rollforwards 5:04
41 Completing the pre-revolver TWCF 6:21
Borrowing Base and Revolver
42 Borrowing base modeling 8:32
43 Borrowing base solutions 4:10
44 Revolver mechanics 4:59
45 Modeling the revolver 12:23
46 Modeling revolver interest 6:56
47 Avoiding a circularity 2:49
EBITDA Reconciliation
48 EBITDA reconciliation 5:01
49 Modeling EBITDA to cash flows 1 4:55
50 Modeling EBITDA to cash flows 2 3:42
Case Manager and Sensitivity
51 Building a case manager into a TWCF 8:15
52 Integrating cases into the TWCF 9:38
53 Sensitizing individual drivers 3:17
Adding Model Complexity
54 Most common TWCF complexities 0:55
55 Working with messy data 2:34
56 Commingled line items 2:43
57 Forecasting a Messy Monthly IS 1 5:42
58 Forecasting a Messy Monthly IS 2 5:54
59 Forecasting a Messy Monthly IS 3 2:00
60 Converting Monthly Data to Weekly 1 13:14
61 Converting Monthly Data to Weekly 2 13:29
62 Remodeling: Updating TWCF for new weeks 9:14
Account Mapping Using SUMIFS
63 Account mapping 3:39
64 Using UNIQUE to map accounts 5:37
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