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PowerPoint Crash Course

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PowerPoint Crash Course

  •   86 Lessons
  •   12h 37m
  •   99,425 Students

Learn PowerPoint strategies and techniques for building better pitchbooks, client decks and other presentations with precision and speed. For investment bankers, consultants and anyone who uses PowerPoint.

Why You Should Take This Course

What You Will Learn

  • PowerPoint environment and setup techniques
  • Master slides demystified
  • Aligning elements, lines and connectors
  • Building, editing and overhauling layouts
  • Tons of techniques for max speed and efficiency

Investment bankers and consultants use PowerPoint differently than most. A single IB or consulting slide may contain more analysis and strategy than an entire sales presentation, and the fast pace under deadline means slides must be setup with an easy-to-work-with flexibility.

Wall Street Prep's PowerPoint Crash Course teaches finance professionals and consultants the strategies and techniques they need to build better pitchbooks and client decks with lightning-fast efficiency.

This course is used to train new hires at:

Who is This Program For?

This course is designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone who uses PowerPoint.

  • Investment Banking
  • Consulting
  • Equity Research
  • Private Equity
  • FP&A and Corporate Finance

Course Highlights

Taught by Experienced Professionals

Our instructors are former finance professionals and consultants who know what it takes to build great looking decks during deals and client engagements.

The Same Employee Training Used at Top Firms

This is the same course our corporate clients use to teach their finance professionals and consultants how to build better pitchbooks and client decks.

Breeze Though Lesson Videos at 1.5x & 2x Speed

Save loads of time by bumping up playback speed to breeze through lessons at your own pace.

Get Instructor Support Throughout the Course

Have a question on course content? Communicate directly with instructors by asking questions throughout the course.

Course Samples

watch video
QAT Secrets Part 1
watch video
Speed Demonstration: How Fast You Will Become
watch video
The Boxing Technique

Course TOC

1. PowerPoint Course Introduction 3:55
The Setup
2. Course Downloads Files
3. Speed Is On Your Keyboard 4:53
4. The PowerPoint Environment 2:46
5. The Formatting Guides 9:49
6. Shortcuts And Smart Guides 5:47
7. QAT Secrets Part 1: PowerPoint 2010 And Later 11:16
8. QAT Secrets Part 1: PowerPoint 2007 9:44
9. QAT Secrets Part 2 6:19
The Challenge Slides
10. The Challenge Slides Review 5:37
11. The 2,3,4 Formatting Sequence 7:08
12. Rapidly Editing A Shapes Dimensions 9:17
13. PowerPoint Layering Secrets 7:23
14. Force Drawing And Fixing Straight Lines 7:59
15. Jumping Objects Into Perfect Alignment 7:28
16. Your PowerPoint Insurance Policy 9:34
17. Speed Demonstration: How Fast You Will Become 2:39
18. Expanding The Challenge Slides 5:39
19. Different Ways To Copy And Paste Formatting 7:07
20. The Format Dipper 5:48
21. Secrets For Working With Multiple Lines At Once 6:48
22. Taking The Challenge Slides In A Different Direction 9:20
23. Using The Rand Function To Fill In A Layout 7:42
24. Stress Testing Your Layouts Before They Are Final 13:39
Ninja Lines
25. Limitations Of The Alignment Tool Crash Course 7:20
26. Distributing The Un-Distributable 14:43
27. Aligning Objects To Your Slide Master 5:01
28. Otherwise Impossible Odd Side Alignments 3:08
29. The Ninja Line Shadowing Technique 7:45
30. Creating Snap Grids For Perfect Alignments 4:37
Leveraging Lines as Connectors
31. Understanding Proper Connections 5:06
32. Connecting Multiple Lines At Once 2:58
33. Eliminating Fake Elbow Connectors 8:14
34. Elbow Connector Best Practices 2:16
35. The Fastest Way To Hook Up A Hierarchy 4:02
36. Connector Mess: Standardizing Your Slide 7:58
37. Connector Mess: Hooking Up All Your Connectors 10:53
38. Connector Mess: Re-Arranging Your Layout 9:52
39. Exercise: The Drop & Hide Technique 8:54
40. Exercise: Working In Point Editing Mode 13:10
Boxing Things Up
41. Defaulting Your Formatting 9:04
42. The Boxing Technique 5:10
43. 60 Second Polish Test 6:54
44. 120 Second Polish Test 4:39
45. Boxing Up Other PowerPoint Objects 8:24
46. Implied Boxes With Flying Carpets 10:03
47. Exercise: Additional Boxing Layouts 7:44
48. Exercise: Creating Side Titles 6:21
49. Supplemental Exercise #3: Cutting Out An Odd Shaped Box 7:13
50. Exercise: Layering Up To An Odd Shaped Box 6:23
51. Navigating Tables From Your Keyboard 5:42
52. Table Formatting Best Practices 10:19
53. Reworking A Table Pasted In From Excel 8:55
54. Selection Pane Distribution Secrets 6:02
55. Boxing Up Your Tables 5:10
56. Fixing The 3 Phantom Spacing Menaces 5:36
57. Merging And Splitting Tables 10:44
58. Exercise: Building Out Around A Table 6:36
59. Exercise: Creating The Accounting Style Formatting In PowerPoint 6:30
60. Exercise: Creating Tab Stop Tables 9:14
61. Exercise: Breaking Tables Apart 17:23
62. The Trick To Breaking Charts Apart 9:35
63. Charting Shortcuts, Mistakes And The Linking Vs. Embedding Debate 15:56
64. The Chart Formatting You Will Use 90% Of The Time 9:48
65. Copying And Pasting Your Chart Formatting 9:55
66. PowerPoint 2007 And 2010: Creating A Double Layered Axis 4:51
67. PowerPoint 2013 And Later: New Charting Features + Creating A Double Layered Axis 16:49
68. Creating Automatic Calculating Totals For Stacked Column Charts 8:48
69. Dueling Bar Charts 1: Bar Charts Vs. Column Charts 6:21
70. Dueling Bar Charts 2: Laying Out Two Equal Bar Charts 10:59
71. Dueling Bar Charts 3: Creating Back-To-Back Dueling Bar Charts 5:20
72. Dueling Bar Charts 4: Creating A Table-Like Effect Around Your Dueling Bar Charts 12:47
73. Creating A Reporting Dashboard: PowerPoint 2013 And Later 15:49
74. Creating A Reporting Dashboard: PowerPoint 2007 And 2010 12:15
75. Exercise: Overlaying An XY Scatter Plot for PowerPoint 2013 And Later 12:24
76. Exercise: Overlaying An XY Scatter Plot for PowerPoint 2007 And 2010 10:31
77. The One Armed Mouse Trick 4:07
Bonus: Bullet Busting Mini Course
78. Bullet Busting Mini Course Lesson 1 7:06
79. Bullet Busting Mini Course Lesson 2 11:31
80. Bullet Busting Mini Course Lesson 3 8:23
81. Bullet Busting Mini Course Lesson 4 7:00
82. Bullet Busting Mini Course Lesson 5 5:11
83. Bullet Busting Mini Course Lesson 6 11:28
Bonus: Slide Master Survival Guide
84. Slide Master Survival Guide Part 1 37:36
85. Slide Master Survival Guide Part 2 41:11
86. Slide Master Survival Guide Part 3 13:15

Learner Feedback

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