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The Ultimate Project Finance Modeling Package
Step-By-Step Video Course and Certification Program

The Ultimate Project Finance Modeling Package

Project Finance Modeling requires complexity not seen in typical corporate finance models. This program breaks down everything you need to build and interpret project finance models for a transaction. Learn project finance financial statement modeling, debt sizing mechanics, running upside & downside cases and more.

Learn to Build a Real-World Project Finance Model Step-By-Step

  • Complete Project Finance Modeling Training This course builds up each layer step by step, from how deals are put together to building best practice financial models through advanced analysis using macro powered data tables & scenario managers.
  • Real World Case Study Learn by doing - go through a case study to walk through building and optimizing a model from scratch.
  • Used Widely at Investment Banks, Developers and Funds This is the same comprehensive training program delivered to some of the world's leading banks, developers and funds.

"As a past M&A advisor and latterly a direct investor I can safely say that this project finance course is the best I’ve ever seen. It's been able to take my team, some with little knowledge of modeling, to a highly competent level in a short period of time."

Jason Frank,
Group Director of Data Analytics, European Tyre

What You Will Learn

  • Project finance theory and implementation
  • Best-practice financial modeling
  • How to build a project finance model from scratch
  • Advanced debt & equity modeling: debt service reserve accounts, refinancing, shareholder loans
  • Modeling depreciation, tax, working capital, and financial statements
  • How to extend the financial model to different types of infrastructure, incorporate other sophisticated deal terms and multiple phases with different periodicity

Includes 6 Step-by-Step Online Courses

Courses build sequentially towards a complete understanding of the project finance model building process

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    Boot Model: Primer and Airport Case Study

    Learn project finance through the lens of an airport. Review the theory of PF, discuss the business case of Heathrow Airport expansion, then dive into the parti...

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    Excel DNA for Modelers

    We’ve all seen bad spreadsheets. You’re ready for something different. You know that polished financial models are built on the back of solid skills… Learn the...

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    Blueprint of the Project Finance Model

    Get the essential PF theory, the landscape of private infra and PPP deals and learn how the financial model fits in the process.  Using a modular approach, get...

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    Advanced Debt & Equity for Project Finance

    This section will challenge you to get the most out of a project finance deal. Using advanced material, it expands on our work in Blueprint and asks questions s...

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    Project Finance Modeling Depreciation, Tax & Financial Statements

    This section advances the accounting rigor around a project finance model. Like the other sections, each module begins with the “Why”, giving you the theoretica...

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    Bringing It All Together & Model Extensions

    This section brings together everything we’ve learned so far and delivers a complete project finance model.  We start to look into ways of extending the model w...

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Get the Project Finance Modeling Certification

Trainees are eligible to take the WSP Project Finance Modeling Certification Exam for 24 months from the date of enrollment. Those who complete the exam and score above 70% will receive the certification. The exam is a challenging 2-hour online examination covering the most difficult concepts covered in the program.

Who is this program for?

This course is designed for professionals (analysts, associates and VPs) and those pursuing the following careers:

  • Investment Banking
  • Project Development
  • Private Equity
  • Infrastructure Funds
  • Infra Operating Entities
  • Credit Research

Course Samples

watch video
Project Finance Primer
watch video
Construction Sources & Uses
watch video
Project Finance Debt
watch video
Creating Timing Flags
watch video
Pre-Modeling Concepts: Construction & Operation Calculations
watch video
Basic Project Finance Modeling Walk Through
watch video
Calculating Project Returns
watch video
Extensions - Adjusting Construction to Monthly
watch video Excel Logo
Project Finance Model Template (Values O...

"This is a really well designed course. I would recommend this course for both those looking to build their first model as well as experienced modelers looking to take the next step."

Chris Gavin,
Someva Renewables

Project Finance Modeling Package Highlights

  • Intuitive, Self-Paced and Comprehensive

    Wall Street Prep's Project Finance Modeling Package is intuitive and self-paced. Using a combination of videos, Excel model templates and financial reports, this course teaches students and professionals how to build, analyze, and interpret project finance models in a step-by-step fashion at their own pace. The program utilizes a case study format, as students work along with the instructor using Excel model templates, full case study inputs and term sheet excerpts in order to build comprehensive models the way it's done on the job.

  • Support Center

    Upon enrollment, students gain free and unlimited access to Wall Street Prep's Online Support Center, where they receive answers to questions, free downloads, and important updates from a support staff comprised entirely of experienced former investment bankers

  • Private Online Tutoring (Additional Fee Applies)

    Want a little extra attention? Live video-chat tutoring is available with experienced project finance professionals (additional fee applies). In addition, your tutoring sessions enable you and your tutor to share models, a virtual whiteboard and any other files via an integrated web and phone platform that enhances the learning experience.

  • Macabacus Excel Plugin

    Free access to Macabacus, all-in-one suite of time-saving tools designed for people who build financial models in Excel. Use keyboard shortcuts for common number formats, to cycle rapidly through different font and color schemes and to navigate a formula's inputs across worksheets and workbooks. Easily understand long formulas with the powerful ‘Precedents’ and ‘Dependents’ Tool, and much more. This 6-month free access is for the full version of Macabacus that also includes essential tools for Powerpoint and Word!

"Great course — detailed but also clear enough to follow. I work in project finance and I’m wishing I had taken this course when I started out!"

Karthik Panicker,
Westpac Institutional Bank
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