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Financial Statement Modeling

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Basic Package

Financial Statement Modeling

Included in:  Premium Package ,

  •   82 Lessons
  •   10h 29m
  •   101,029 Students

An abbreviated version of the Premium Package that focuses exclusively on financial statement modeling. Trainees will learn modeling best practices and build a complete financial statement model. Valuation modeling included in the Premium Package.

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Build a Comprehensive 3-Statement Financial Model

  • Develop a 3-statement model from scratch, inputting historical data and assumptions to project out financial statements using step-by-step instruction.
  • Learn core concepts that lay the foundation for other key modeling methodologies included in our flagship financial and valuation modeling program.
  • For students and professionals pursuing a career in investment banking, private equity, corporate finance or equity research.
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What You Will Learn

  • Excel shortcuts and functions frequently used in financial modeling
  • Excel settings and formatting best practices for financial modeling
  • Creating model plugs via the revolver and cash sweep
  • Dealing with circularities in the model
  • Building a fully integrated 3-statement model using established forecasting and schedule conventions
  • Balancing the model and inserting automated checks
  • Perform sensitivity & scenario analysis
  • How to efficiently check models for errors, accuracy and integrity

Course Samples

watch video
Financial Statement Modeling: 30,000ft View of Our Model
watch video
Financial Statement Modeling: Revenue Build
watch video
Financial Statement Modeling Template

Course Highlights

Intuitive, Self-Paced and Comprehensive

Wall Street Prep’s Basic Self Study Program is intuitive and self-paced. You should expect to spend approximately 20-30 hours to complete it. The program uses online video lessons, Excel model templates and various financial filings to teach students how to build, analyze, and interpret financial models in a step-by-step fashion at their own pace.

Real World "On the Job" Investment Banking Training

The Basic Package bridges the gap between academics and the real world to equip students with the practical financial skill set that they will need on the job. Our program will give you the confidence you need to ace your interviews and to get ahead in your IB career.

Support Center

Upon enrollment, students gain free, unlimited access to Wall Street Prep’s Online Support Center, where they receive answers to questions, free downloads, and important updates from a support staff comprised entirely of experienced former investment bankers.

Private Online Tutoring (Additional Fee Applies)

Want a little extra attention? Live video-chat tutoring is available with experienced investment bankers for a fee of $800/hour. In addition, your tutoring sessions enable you and your tutor to share models, a virtual blackboard, and any other files via an integrated web and phone platform that enhances the learning experience.


The program assumes a basic introductory knowledge of accounting (e.g. interaction of balance sheet, cash flow, and income statement) and proficiency in Excel. Students with no prior background in Accounting should enroll in the Accounting Crash Course. Students with limited experience using Excel should enroll in the Excel Crash Course.

Course TOC

Financial Statement Modeling Overview
1. Financial Statement Modeling Welcome 3:00
2. Course Downloads Files
3. Financial Statement Modeling Course Roadmap 7:53
4. Excel Settings for Modeling 3:28
5. Excel For Mac Quick Setup 8:08
6. Keyboard Shortcuts 10:36
7. Excel Productivity Add-ins 18:35
Financial Modeling Best Practices
8. Formatting Conventions 9:17
9. Modeling Best Practices 15:38
10. Naming, Linking & Deleting Cells 9:48
11. Model Structure 9:06
Preparing for Our Case Study
12. Gathering Documents for Modeling (the "PIB") 8:49
13. Introducing Our Case Study 1:11
14. Locating Relevant Filings, Part 1 5:49
15. Locating Relevant Filings, Part 2 4:32
16. Modeling Roadmap, Part 1 4:29
17. Modeling Roadmap, Part 2 3:51
Inputting Historical Financial Data
18. A 30,000ft View of Our Model 3:57
19. Modeling Historical Data 2:25
20. Step 1 Inputting Historicals 7:46
21. Step 1 Solution Income Statement 15:16
22. Step 1 Solution Balance Sheet 17:04
23. Step 1 Solution Historical CF and Other 7:16
Forecasting the Income Statement
24. Forecasting the Income Statement 10:09
25. Step 2 Forecasting the Income Statement 12:42
26. Reading: Guide to Forecasting the Income Statement Reading
Forecasting the Balance Sheet
27. Guide to Balance Sheet Projections Reading
28. Balance Sheet Forecast Concepts 2:05
29. Working Capital Concept Checker Exercise 9:07
30. Working Capital Concept Checker Solution 5:18
31. Other Assets and Liabilities 3:41
32. Forecasting Balance Sheet Intro 2:09
33. B/S Forecasting - Current Assets 9:06
34. B/S Foecasting - CL and LT Debt 5:54
35. B/S Forecasting - Other Non-Current Liabilities 5:30
36. B/S Forecasting - Equity 4:55
Cash Flow Statement
37. Cash Flow Statement Introduction 2:32
38. Review: The Cash Flow Statement 11:59
39. Cash From Operations 13:08
40. Cash From Investing & Other Financing Activities 7:19
41. Cash Flow Statement Forecasting 9:47
42. Forecasting CFI and CFF 3:46
43. Review of What We've Done to This Point 5:56
Balance Sheet Schedules
44. Roll Forward Concept 2:12
45. PP&E Roll Forward Concept 2:08
46. Retained Earnings Roll Forward Concepts 1:36
47. Balance Sheet Schedules 1:13
48. Modeling PP&E 13:22
49. Inputing Total D and A 6:07
50. Sanity Checking Model vs.Consensus 2:14
51. Other Non-Current Assets 4:42
52. An Alternative Approach 1:47
53. Modeling Retained Earnings 5:02
54. A More Robust Dividends Forecast 6:11
Revolver; Cash and Circularity
55. Understanding the Role of the Revolver in Financial Models 11:49
56. The Revolver as a Model Plug 5:42
57. Modeling the Revolver 11:09
58. Forecasting Interest Expense 11:12
59. Forecasting Interest Income 5:54
60. Circularity in Financial Models 23:02
Sensitivity Tables and Scenario Analysis
61. Sensitivity Analysis with Data Tables 15:03
62. Scenario Analysis Excercise 7:57
63. Scenario Analysis Solution 14:03
Modeling Earnings Per Share
64. EPS 11:50
65. Forecasting EPS 21:32
Balancing a Model
66. Balancing the Model Exercise 4:57
67. Balancing the Model Solutions 29:25
Segment Level Revenue Build (PV Analysis)
68. Revenue Build 5:24
69. Price x Volume Exercise 1 2:06
70. Price x Volume Exercise 1 Solution 4:41
71. Price x Volume Exercise 2 4:50
72. Price x Volume Exercise 2 Solution 14:20
73. PV Build Exercise 3 3:52
74. PV Build Exercise 3 Solution 8:18
75. CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) 3:08
Digging Deeper on Working Capital
76. Working Capital Schedules 2:02
77. Accounts Receivable Roll Forward 9:05
78. Inventory Roll Forward 7:57
79. Working Capital and Liquidity Analysis 10:08
Depreciation Waterfall
80. Depreciation Waterfall Introduction 17:22
81. Forecasting Depreciation Using a Waterfall 3:22
Updating an Existing Model for More Recent Results
82. Updating an Existing Model 8:54

Learner Feedback

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