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The Ultimate Excel VBA Course

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The Ultimate Excel VBA Course

  •   198 Lessons
  •   12h 12m
  •   72,910 Students

Full VBA Certification Program with 9+ Hours of Video Training
Start writing VBA code that you can immediately use on the job. No programming experience needed to take this VBA course!

Why You Should Take This Course

What You Will Learn

  • Write macros from scratch
  • Write custom formulas & functions on the fly
  • Breeze through IF THEN statements and conquer all the logical operators
  • Take control of forms, buttons, drop-downs and much more!

For finance professionals, speed in Excel is not only a requirement, it's a big part of how you're measured against your peers.

This comprehensive course is designed to teach students and professionals how to save a ton of time in Excel with the easy-to-use VBA programming language.

We'll introduce you VBA environment and dive into real-world exercises that will teach you how to write your own macros, functions and subroutines and how to breeze through large data sets with ease!

This course is used to train new hires at:

Who is This Program For?

This course is for Excel VBA newbies as well as those looking for a VBA refresher or reference tool. It's designed to give a competitive edge to students and/or professionals who rely on Excel, including:

  • Investment banking analysts and associates
  • Private equity, asset management and hedge fund associates
  • Corporate finance and business development professionals
  • MBA students and business undergraduates

Course Highlights

  • Perfect for both Excel newbies and experts interested in VBA.
  • Absolutely no programming experience is needed.
  • Full of VBA techniques used by finance professionals.
  • Come away with practical code you can use in your own spreadsheets.
  • Complete real-world Macro/VBA projects from start to finish.
  • Understand VBA enough to alter code you find online to fit your purpose.
  • A great learning and reference tool: 150+ individual VBA lessons!
  • The same course our corporate clients use to prepare their analysts and associates.

Course Samples

watch video
Creating your first macro from scratch
watch video
If, Then, Else Statement
watch video
Using an InputBox

Get the Visual Basic in Excel Certification

Trainees are eligible to take the WSP Visual Basic in Excel Certification Exam for 24 months from the date of enrollment. Those who complete the exam and score above 70% will receive the certification. The exam is a challenging online examination covering the most difficult concepts covered in The Ultimate Excel VBA Course.

Course TOC

Chapter 1: The Range Object
1. Get the Developer Tab and Intro to Developer Tab 1:29
2. Course Downloads Files
3. Getting Started With Range Object 1:19
4. Quick Tip - Project Explorer and Properties Window! 1:12
5. Creating Your First Macro From Scratch 2:29
6. Adding a Secondary Command 0:51
7. Debugging in Excel VBA 1:22
8. Saving a Macro-Enabled Workbook (.xlsm) 1:11
9. Before You Begin The Exercises 3:06
10. Exercise 01 3:53
11. Several Ways to Trigger Your Macro 1:22
12. Affecting Multiple Cells with One Range Command - 2 Methods 1:35
13. Adding Strings of Text to a Cell 1:40
14. Using a Named Range with the Range Object 1:37
Chapter 2: Range Properties
15. VALUE Property 1:54
16. TEXT Property 0:59
17. ROW and COLUMN Properties 1:07
18. SELECT Property 0:55
19. COUNT Property 1:47
20. Exercise 02a 4:32
21. ADDRESS Property 1:48
22. FORMULA Property 3:47
23. NUMBERFORMAT Property 2:27
24. FONT, BOLD, UNDERLINE or ITALIC Properties 2:43
25. Exercise 02b 6:36
Chapter 3: The Cells Object
26. The Cells Object 2:24
27. Using Column Letters Instead of Numbers 0:55
28. Using Cells Positionally Within a Range 2:10
29. Affecting ALL Cells in a Worksheet 2:05
30. Exercise 03 4:12
31. Using Range Object with Cells Object 3:01
Chapter 4: Variables
32. Intro to Variables 2:24
33. Declaring Variables - Variable Types 2:37
34. Declaring Variables - Types Demo 4:24
35. Concatenation - Joining Two Or More Strings! 2:26
36. BONUS - Date Math Fun! 3:41
37. Exercise 04 4:16
38. Calling a Procedure from Another 1:57
39. Public and Private Variables 3:06
40. Using Constants 2:02
41. BONUS - Passing Variables to Another Procedure - ByVal and ByRef 7:05
Chapter 5: Toolbars and Menus
42. File Menu Walkthrough 1:52
43. Edit Menu Walkthrough 5:08
44. View Menu Walkthrough 2:12
45. View Menu - Watch Window, Local Window and Immediate WIndow 7:43
46. Watch Window Wonders! 3:25
47. Insert and Format Menus 0:40
48. Debug Menu 5:12
49. Run and Tools Menus 2:13
Chapter 6: Important Tools and Excel Logic
50. Determining the Last Row in your Data Set 3:17
51. Determining the Last Column in your Data Set 2:22
52. Determining the Next Row in your Data Set 1:06
53. Recording a Macro 3:39
54. BONUS - Dynamic Sorting 5:55
55. Absolute vs. Relative References 4:07
56. Using With and End WIth 3:32
57. Comparison Operators in Excel VBA 1:01
58. If Then Statement 2:25
59. Using Is Not Equal To () 0:41
60. Logical Operator, NOT 0:56
61. Exercise 06a 4:42
62. If, Then, Else Statement 1:22
63. If, Then, ElseIF Statement 2:02
64. Comparative Operators with Text and Numbers 2:35
65. Using If Then Statements in a One-Liner of Code 1:42
66. Using GOTO and Labels 1:52
67. Select Case as Alternative to IF THEN Statements 2:21
68. Message Box with Yes and No Buttons 6:26
69. Exercise 06b 6:33
70. Relative Positioning Using Offset 4:13
71. BONUS - User Defined Functions 101 4:49
72. BONUS - UDF Lesson 2 4:08
Chapter 7: Loops and Report Writing Basics
73. Intro to Loops; the For Next Loop 3:07
74. Fun with out For Next Loop 3:46
75. Beginning out First Report Using Loops 5:46
76. Using an InputBox 2:53
77. Adding InputBox to Our First Report to Make It Dynamic 3:12
78. Add a Button to Open Our Report 2:23
79. Add a Cool Button or Image to Open Report 2:19
80. Our First Printable Report, Part 1 5:00
81. Printable Report, Part 2 6:41
82. Printable Report, Part 3 3:19
83. Printable Report, Part 4 3:34
84. Exercise 07a 11:18
85. Using PrintPreview Automatically 0:50
86. Using PrintOut to Send Directly to Default Printer 1:59
87. Handling Debug Error When Cancelling InputBox 2:18
88. For Loop Going Backwards Using STEP 2:49
89. The FOR EACH Loop 5:17
90. FOR EACH Loop - Practice Examples 3:30
91. Exercise 07b 7:33
92. Intro to DO LOOPS 3:26
93. DO Until 1:53
94. Loop Until 1:31
95. DO While 1:43
96. Loop While 0:58
97. EXIT DO - Multiple Exits Using Your Own Criteria Along the Way! 1:48
98. BONUS - Loop Through Multiple Files in a Folder and Scrape Data From Each 12:09
Chapter 8: Events, Worksheet Events Made Easy
99. Intro to Worksheet Events and Selection Change 4:03
100. Worksheet Activate Event 1:13
101. Worksheet Deactivate Event 2:28
102. BeforeDelete Event - For Worksheet Deletion 1:05
103. BeforeDoubleClick Event - Trigger a Macro When Double Clicking 2:59
104. BeforeRightClick Event - Trigger a Macro When Right-Clicking 1:42
105. Calculate Event 2:33
Worksheet Events Made Easy
106. Exercise 08a 2:09
Chapter 8: Events, Worksheet Events Made Easy
107. How to Disable Events on the Workbook 1:32
108. Intro to Change Event 1:14
109. Change Event with EnableEvents Toggle - Avoid Endless Loop! 4:51
110. Change Event Triggered With Custom Range Using Intersect 3:19
111. FollowHyperlinks Event 2:41
112. Final Thoughts on Worksheet Events and Review Other Events 2:25
Worksheet Events Made Easy
113. Exercise 08b 5:42
Chapter 9: Workbook Events
114. Workbook Open 5:13
115. Workbook Activate 1:53
116. Before Save 2:25
117. After Save 2:13
118. Before Close 3:32
119. Before Print 1:21
120. Deactivate 1:06
121. NewChart 3:13
122. NewSheet 1:51
123. Exercise 09 4:36
124. Sheet Activate 2:19
125. Delete, DoubleClick, RightClick, Calculate, Change 4:51
126. SheetDeactivate 2:49
127. Follow Hyperlink 0:44
128. SheetSelectionChange 0:42
129. WindowActivate 1:09
130. WindowDeactivate 0:25
131. WindowResize 2:03
Chapter 10: Activex Controls of Worksheets
132. Activex Controls vs. Forms Controls 3:36
133. Button Click - Wage Calculator 4:10
134. Keydown Event 4:18
135. BONUS: Capturing Shift, Alt, Ctrl or Some Combination Using the Shift Variable 3:19
136. KeyPress Event 2:53
137. MouseMove Event 2:08
138. MouseMove Event with Application Statusbar 3:44
139. MouseUp and MouseDown Events - Left, Middle, & Rightclick, Shift, Alt & Ctrl 6:27
140. GotFocus and LostFocus Events 1:09
141. Use a Checkbox for its VALUE 2:41
142. Checkbox Event Without a Button 1:58
143. LinkedCell Property With a Checkbox 1:59
144. Option Buttons Intro - What is an Option Button and Grouping 3:08
145. Grouping, Alignment and Aesthetics for Control 2:45
146. Homemade Quiz Using Option Buttons and a Command Button 4:37
147. Compliance Checker for Your Forms or Quizzes, Part 1 3:36
148. Compliance Check, Part 2 9:49
149. SpinButton With Cell A1 4:21
150. SpinButtons With Textboxes and Numbers 6:04
151. SpinButton BONUS - Move Textbox Position with SpinButton 3:55
152. SpinButton With Dates in a Textbox 3:31
153. Activex "Label" Control - Basics 3:50
154. ComboBox - Fill With ListFillRange 3:33
155. Creating a Dynamic Range 4:47
156. ComboBox - How To Use Multiple Columns 3:09
157. Using ADDITEM to Get Specific Items in Your ComboBox List 9:25
158. Noteworthy Properties of a ComboBox 5:37
159. Multiple Columns in ComboBox With ADDITEM and List, ListCount, etc. 7:16
160. ListBox Basics Using Dynamic Range 7:47
161. ListBox Click Event and Dynamic Options 3:26
162. BONUS - Manipulating and Using Multiselect Items in a Listbox 6:04
163. ListBox - Referencing Column 0 and 1 in a Cell Dynamically 3:32
164. Dynamic ListBoxes Using ADDITEM and More 9:36
165. Make and Utilize INVISIBLE Columns - Special Trick! 3:35
166. Using Scroll Bar on a Worksheet 3:29
167. Pictures on a Worksheet, Plus Using FollowHyperlink Method 5:52
168. Toggle Button 2:24
169. A Brief Note on Alternate, 3rd Party Controls 1:33
Chapter 11: Userforms - The Best Thing Ever!
170. Userform - Hide, Show and Unload 3:19
171. Simple Database and Creating a Data Entry Form 3:55
172. Fill Status ComboBox With Rowsource When Userform Starts - 2 Methods 4:03
173. New Employee Data Entry Form 9:04
174. Format Textbox Numbers as Numerals, Clearing Out Form Upon Submission 3:13
175. Set the Tab Order for Userform Controls 2:10
176. Set Default Values to Make Data Entry Easier 2:18
177. Avoid Duplicate Employee ID and Other Fun Automation Tricks 5:37
178. Edit Mode for Employee Database, Part 1 11:26
179. Edit Mode for Employee Database, Part 2 7:49
180. Edit Mode, Part 3 - Adding Automation and Save Button 15:56
181. BONUS - Refreshing the Rowsource After Updating Data 3:55
182. BONUS - Combobox by Last Name Instead of EmpID 9:41
183. BONUS - Search Name and ID 15:49
184. Userform Report with Filters, Part 1 11:09
185. Userform Report with Filters, Part 2 6:03
186. Applying the Dynamic Filters to Reports 3:10
187. Clear Out Last Report 3:06
188. Report Generation and Aesthetics, Headers, Footers, Footers, Repeat Rows, etc. 6:05
189. Advanced Exercise - Review of Objectives 8:04
190. Advanced Exercise 01 - Solution 7:57
191. Advanced Exercise 02 - Solution 4:10
192. Advanced Exercise 03 and 04 - Solutions 7:44
193. Advanced Exercise BONUS A and B - Solutions 3:41
194. Advanced Exercise BONUS C Automate the Workflow for Efficiency - Solutions 3:21
Chapter 12: BONUS VBA Functions
195. InStr Function - Search for Text Within Other Text 7:18
196. The EVALUATE Function - Mac-Daddy of all functions 5:59
197. Sum Function in Excel VBA - EASY! 3:14
198. Count Function in VBA 2:13

What Trainees Are Saying

I love this course. Extremely easy to follow along. If you are looking to learn more about Excel this is it!

— Jim C.

Loving this course! The information is presented quite clear and concise, and it is a really great way of learning VB really fast, yesterday I was a total ignorant of the subject. Today I programmed my first macro and cannot wait to learn more.

— Marcela T.

I had experimented with VBA previously, but I really feel like this course is exactly what I needed to take my Excel knowledge to the next level. In only 2 weeks I’ve improved my reporting exponentially and it’s all thanks to this course!

— Ryan S.

The presenter explains in detail and demonstrates what he’s covering, easy to follow along and learn!

— David B.

Teaches you the fundamental of VBA programming without any prior experience. Shows with easy to follow Example!. thanks for the video!

– Sean C.

I’ve taken several different VBA courses and this one is by far the most interesting and easy to understand. I’ve done exactly 107 lectures so far and already was able to automate 80% of my tasks at work that I’ve been doing manually for years… I’m angry with myself because of the time I wasted by not buying this course earlier. I can’t even imagine what I will be able to do after finishing the entire course :)

— Robert

Well explained, easy to understand lectures. Enjoyable and informative videos.

— Marlena

Very clear explanations broken down in short videos. The instructor goes at a slow pace that is easy to follow and understand, even for people with no programming experience.

— Gustavo P.

Best course on VBA ever taken. Thanks a lot!

— Nikita L.

This is an excellent course!!! There’s a lot of good, useful stuff here. The examples are practical and real-world!

— Todd W.

Wow, I thought I knew a little bit about Excel but clearly I had only seen the tip of the iceberg. This course has opened my eyes to the true power of VBA within excel. Great course, fantastic instructor.

— Scott K.

By large and far, one of the best step by step guide to VBA programming I have ever seen. I have been playing around with VBA for over a year now, have watched countless videos and have read numerous articles and "How-to” guides, but I have never seen something this complete, this throughout. I am amazed at how little I actually new about the VBA world. Thanks a million!

— Alex B.

Everything I have been looking for, you would have to buy multiple books for this level of instruction!

— Luke S.

Excellent VBA basic to advance tutorial.

— Sandeep G.

This course is good for beginners and for experienced programmers. Experienced programmers may want to skip through some sections on basics, but it is good to see how the basics work in the context of and Excel worksheet. He goes over different events and triggers (like buttons) to execute code. This is a really good course if you plan to do some pretty complex vba code with forms and reports.”

— Christian H.

Very helpful if you do any type of data analysis.

— Jonathan D.

I think this is an excellent gateway to the tools we need to use going forward. I like the hands on nature.

— Andre C.

Much better than other classes and seminars. Great course.

— Mark S.

The instructor made VBA easy and straight forward to use.

— Min Z.

Very thorough and practical.

— Juan S.

Learner Feedback

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