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The 100+ Excel 2016 Shortcuts You Need to Know, Updated for Windows and Mac

The most important time-saving shortcuts for Excel 2016 for both Windows and Mac

Excel Shortcuts List

Excel shortcuts are a fundamental component of efficient financial modeling. Quite simply, it's well worth the time to learn them. Here, Wall Street Prep has compiled the most important time-saving shortcuts for Excel 2016 for both Windows and Mac.

If there are shortcuts you use all the time that you don't see here, let us know using the comment form below and we'll add them.

PCWindows shortcuts in blue.

MacMac shortcuts in red.

Save asf12+shift+s
Go to next workbookctrl+tab+~
Close filectrl+f4ctrl+w
Close all open Excel filesalt+f4ctrl+q
Show ribbon accelerator keysalt
Show/hide ribbonctrl+f1+opt+r
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Open Format dialogctrl+1+1
Number formatctrl+shift +!ctrl+shift +!
Percent formatctrl+shift+%ctrl+shift+%
Date formatctrl+shift+#ctrl+shift+#
Insert/edit commentshift+f2shift+f2
Increase font sizealthfg+shift+>
Decrease font sizealthfk+shift+>
Increase decimalalth0
Decrease decimalalth9
Increase indentalth6ctrl+m
Decrease indentalth5+shift+m
Paste SpecialPCMac
Paste Special formatsctrl+alt+vtctrl++vt
Paste Special valuesctrl+alt+vvctrl++vv
Paste Special formulasctrl+alt+vfctrl++vf
Paste Special commentsctrl+alt+vcctrl++vc
Clear cell datadeletedelete
Clear cell formatsalthef
Clear cell commentsalthem
Clear all (data, formats, comments)althea
Outline Borderctrl+shift+&ctrl+shift+&
Remove borderctrl+shift+-ctrl+shift+-
Left borderalthbl+option+left
Right borderalthbr+option+right
Top borderalthbt+option+top
Bottom borderalthbo+option+bottom
Getting around a worksheetPCMac
Move from cell to cellarrowsarrows
Go to end of contiguous rangectrl+arrows+arrows
Move one screen uppgupfn+up
Move one screen downpgdnfn+down
Move one screen leftalt+pgupfn+option+up
Move one screen rightalt+pgdnfn+option+down
Go to cell A1ctrl+homefn+ctrl+left
Go to beginning of rowhomefn+left
Go to last cell in worksheetctrl+endfn+ctrl+right
Display the Go To dialog boxf5f5
Selecting data in a worksheetPCMac
Select a cell rangeshift+arrowsshift+arrows
Highlight a contiguous rangectrl+shift+arrows+shift+arrows
Extend selection up one screenshift+pgupfn+shift+up
Extend selection down one screenshift+pgdnfn+shift+down
Extend selection left one screenalt+shift+pgupfn+shift++up
Extend selection right one screenalt+shift+pgdnfn+shift++down
Select allctrl+a+a
Data editingPCMac
Fill down from cell abovectrl+dctrl+d
Fill right from cell leftctrl+rctrl+r
Find and replacectrl+fctrl+f
Show all constantsf5altso
Highlight cells with commentsf5altsc
Data editing when inside cellPCMac
Edit the active cell (edit mode)f2f2
While editing cell, allow use of arrow keys to create referencef2f2
Confirm change and get out of cellenterenter
Cancel a cell entry and get out of cellescesc
Insert line break within cellalt+enteroption+enter
Highlight within a cellshift+left/rightshift+left/right
Highlight contiguous itemsctrl+shift+left/rightctrl+shift+left/right
Jump to beginning of cell contentshome
Jump to end of cell contentsend
Delete character to leftbackspacedelete
Delete character to rightdeletefn delete
Accept autocomplete suggestiontabtab
Referencing a cell from another worksheetctrl+pgup/pgdn  arrowsctrl+fn+down/up  arrows
Start a formula==
Insert autosum formulaalt+=+shift+t
Recalculate all worksheetsf9f9
Anchor cells (A$1$), toggle anchors (edit mode)f4f4
Insert a functionshift+f3shift+f3
Enter array formula (edit mode)shift+ctrl+entershift+ctrl+enter
Auditing formulasPCMac
Inspect cell values (edit mode)f9f9
Switch to formula viewctrl+~ctrl+~
Select direct precedentsctrl+[ctrl+[
Select direct dependentsctrl+]ctrl+]
Trace immediate precedentsaltmp
Trace immediate depedentsaltmd
Remove tracing arrowsaltmaa
Go to last cellf5 enterf5 enter
Moving inside Excel forms (format dialog, page setup, etc)PCMac
Move forward from control to controltabtab
Moving from tab to tabctrl+tabctrl+tab
Move backward from control to controlctrl+shift+tabshift+tab
Move within a listarrowsarrows
Activate controlaltunderlined letter
Toggle checkboxesspacebarspacebar
Close a dialogescesc
Apply changeenterenter
Excel UtilitiesPCMac
Recalculate all worksheetsf9f9
Excel Options Dialogaltto⌘ +,
Accessing data validationaltavv
Get inside a drop-down listalt+up/downoption+up/down
Insert data table (must highlight cell first)altawt
Sort a data rangealtassshift++r
Autofilter selectionaltat
Insert a pivot tablealtnv
Insert a chartaltnr
Record a macroaltlr
Name a cell or cell rangectrl+f3 ctrl+l
Zoomaltwqcrtl+mouse scroll
Navigating across worksheets and panesPCMac
Jump to next worksheetctrl+pgdnfn+ctrl+down
Jump to previous worksheetctrl+pgupfn+ctrl+up
Change worksheet namealthor
Rearrange tab orderalthom
Freeze panealtwff
Split screenaltws
Toggle from tab, ribbon, task pane, status barf6
Close Excel Help (and other task panes)ctrl+spacebarc
Row and column shortcutsPCMac
Select columnctrl+spacebarctrl+spacebar
Select rowshift+spacebarshift+spacebar
Delete row(s)/column(s)ctrl+-ctrl+-
Add row(s)/column(s)ctrl+shift++ctrl+shift++
Set column widthalthow
Autofit column widthalthoi
Fit to specific row heightalthoh
Group rows/columnsalt+shift+rightoption+shift+right
Ungroup rows/columnsalt+shift+leftoption+shift+left

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Jainam Shah

I am thinking of purchasing the Premium Package, but the demo videos are shown in Windows. I have a MacBook — will all features also work in Excel for Mac, or is Windows is a necessity?

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry


Although the instructor in our lesson videos is on a Windows version of Excel, you can absolutely go through our courses on a Mac. You may find a shortcut here and there that Excel for Mac doesn't have, but our lessons will always show you the native/non-shortcut way of doing things as well, so you'll be all set!

Joe Millman

Thanks for the article! Extremely helpful, but I can't seem to get my Mac's "fn" key to work...

Scott McCarthy
Scott McCarthy

Hi Joe,

By default, Mac function keys control system settings and Mission Control. To use function keys for shortcuts, you'll need to hold down the "fn" key before you press F2, F3, etc. You can change this in System Preferences > Keyboard by checking "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys." You can now use the function keys without pressing "fn."


i want shortcut key for one time open more then one hided sheet

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry

I don't think there is a shortcut for that unless you build it in VBA - thanks!

Jonas Halldén
Jonas Halldén

You can add ALT+F1, quikly create a chart based on the table or range that is where the cursors is.
Also, CTRL+T seems like an obvious one, to create a table!

Sabih Rehman
Sabih Rehman

For some reason, the font increase/decrease does not work on my Mac.

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry


If you are referring to the ribbon command to increase or decrease font size, then yes, you cannot use the ribbon command of Alt H F C to access the command. With Mac, you will have to use the mouse to access the ribbon. Thanks!

- Haseeb


Could I use a windows keyboard with a mac version of excel?in order to learn the windows shortcuts, which I am going to use both at work and at home

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry


Unfortunately not - the program itself controls the shortcuts. You need to work on a Windows version of Excel to utilize those shortcuts.

- Haseeb


Do you have all these shortcuts for German Keyboard?

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry


I apologize - we only publish our shortcuts in English. Take care!


Mohamad Kawam
Mohamad Kawam

Hello Haseeb,

Is there a shortcut that allows us to reverse the sign of the value in a cell?

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry


If you have the Boost add-in tool, you can press Ctrl Alt Shift \ to reverse the sign of a number. Hope this helps!


Chloe Boyce
Chloe Boyce

on a PC, when hitting alt it shows all the shortcuts to navigate through the different tabs. What would be the equivalent of that on a MAC?

Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry

Chloe, Unfortunately for a Mac, that command does not exist, but there are ways to get close to the Windows functionality: a) You can Enable Ctrl + Arrows by disabling Mission Control settings on your Mac by following these steps: 1. Go to System Preferences > Keyboard. 2. Go to “Keyboard shortcuts” tab. 3. Click “Mission Control” in the left window. 4. Expand the “Mission Control” tab in the right window and click off “Move left a space” and “Move right a space” b) You can enable Ctrl+Spacebar for highlighting columns by disabling Spotlight Search 1. System Preferences > Keyboard.… Read more »

Christian Barron
Christian Barron


I have excel 2011 for Mac. Is this outdated?



Haseeb Chowdhry
Haseeb Chowdhry


Not necessarily - Excel 2011 should be fine - thanks!


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