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Advanced Accounting
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Advanced Accounting

72 Lessons
6h 3m
85,120 Students

Master accounting topics that pose a particular challenge to finance professionals. Includes 6+ hours of step-by-step video instruction filled with real world exercises.

Why you should take this course

What You'll Learn
Stock based compensation
Deferred taxes
Financial Instruments
Debt accounting, Lease Accounting, M&A Accounting
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This course is a practical look at the "blind spots" of accounting — topics that appear frequently in real-world financial analysis but aren't covered in introductory accounting courses.

Filled with step-by-step exercises, Advanced Accounting walks you through the concepts you need and cuts out the stuff you’ll never use. The result is a practical resource that brings you up to speed quickly in a format you can reference again and again on the desk.

Who is this program for?

This course is designed for professionals and those pursing a career in the following finance careers:

  • Investment Banking
  • Buy-Side Equity Research
  • Sell-Side Equity Research
  • Private Equity
  • Credit Research
  • FP&A and Corporate Finance

Wall Street Prep’s Advanced Accounting online course is used at top financial institutions and business schools.

Course Samples

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Paying in Excess of BV Exercise
watch video
Deferred Tax Liabilities Exercise, Part 2
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Lease accounting IFRS vs. US GAAP

Course Highlights

  • Taught by bankers

    Our instructors are former I-bankers who give lessons real-world context by connecting it to their experience on the desk.

  • Used on the Street

    This is the same comprehensive course our corporate clients use to prepare their analysts and associates.

  • 1.5x, 2x video speed

    Save loads of time by bumping up playback speed to breeze through lessons at your own pace.

  • Instructor Support

    Have a question on course content? Communicate directly with instructors by asking questions throughout the course.

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Deferred Taxes
1 Introduction to Deferred Taxes 8:26
2 Deferred Tax Liabilities Exercise, Part 1 10:54
3 Deferred Tax Liabilities Exercise, Part 2 3:08
4 Book vs. Tax Basis 1:55
5 Deferred Tax Assets Exercise, Part 1 11:07
6 Deferred Tax Assets Exercise, Part 2 2:39
7 Introduction to NOLs 2:44
8 NOLs illustration 7:27
9 NOLs-related tax journal entries 1:53
10 NOLs exercise solution 7:43
11 Valuation Allowance 4:46
12 Valuation Allowance Journal Entries 3:21
13 Presentation of NOLs in Financials 1:12
Chapter 2: Stock Based Compensation
14 Stock Based Compensation 5:05
15 Stock Based Compensation Accounting: Journal Entries Reading
Chapter 3: Intercompany Investments
16 Introduction to Intercompany Investments 7:16
17 Trading, Available for Sale & Held to Maturity Securities 6:55
18 Equity Method, Part 1 5:52
19 Equity Method, Part 2 6:37
20 Deferred Taxes & Dividends Received Deductions Arising From Equity Investments 13:39
21 Paying in Excess of Book Value Under Equity Method 6:34
22 Paying in Excess of BV Exercise 9:45
23 Consolidation Method & Noncontrolling Interests, Part 1 7:48
24 Consolidation Method & Noncontrolling Interests, Part 2 10:48
25 Consolidation Method & Paying in Excess of BV 14:48
Chapter 4: Debt Accounting; PIK; Capitalized Interest; OID & OIP
26 Introduction & PIK Debt 5:44
27 Capitalized Interest 3:21
28 Original Issue Discount 4:34
29 OID Zero Coupon Exercise 6:29
30 OID With Coupon Exercise 4:41
31 OIP With Coupon Exercise 3:43
32 Debt Accounting: Financing Fees Reading
33 Deferred Taxes Arising from OID & OIP 3:21
34 Deferred Taxes Arising from OID & OIP, Exercise 1 14:29
35 Deferred Taxes Arising from OID & OIP, Exercise 2 4:17
36 Deferred Taxes Arising from OID & OIP, Exercise 3 4:58
Chapter 5: Lease Accounting
37 Introduction to Lease Accounting 2:22
38 Lease accounting IFRS vs. US GAAP 4:44
39 Lease Presentation on the Balance Sheet 5:30
40 Operating Lease Accounting Overview 2:49
41 Exercise: Straight-Line Rent Expense 3:34
42 Exercise: ROU and Lease Liability Initial Entries 4:08
43 Imputed Interest 2:16
44 ROU Depreciation Amortization 5:59
45 Lease Liability Accounting 3:32
46 ROU Asset and Lease Liability Roll-Forward 5:15
47 Operating Lease Journal Entries 2:02
48 Finance vs Operating Lease Classification 2:38
49 Finance Lease Accounting 5:00
50 Finance Lease Roll Forwards 3:30
51 Lease Footnote Disclosures 3:22
52 Cash Flow Statement Leases Presentation 4:56
53 Lease Accounting Summary 2:36
Chapter 6: Lease Accounting Nuances
54 Impact of Lease Commencement Payment 6:18
55 Lease Liability Rollforward Walk Though 4:42
56 ROU Exercise: Operating Leases 2:24
57 ROU Exercise: Operating Leases Walk Through 1:13
58 Exercise: Finance Leases 3:11
Chapter 7: Stock Sale v Asset Sale
59 Stock Sale v. Asset Sale Intro 2:43
60 Tax Basis Step Ups in Stock sale vs Asset sale 5:34
61 Quantifying PV of Acquirer Tax Benefits in Tax Basis Step Up 4:58
62 Seller Preferences in M&A Deal Structuring 3:51
63 Calculating Target Proceeds in M&A in Asset vs. Stock Sale 9:54
64 Taxable Sales: Introduction and Acquirer Perspective 3:15
65 Taxable Sales including 338(h)(10): Target Perspective 3:07
66 NOLs in M&A 2:02
67 NOLS in M&A exercise 6:48
68 NOLs for 80%+ owned subsidiaries 1:21
69 Selling S-Corporations and subsidiaries 2:09
70 Aggregate Deemed Sales Price (ADSP) 1:56
71 Taxable Sales Exercise 11:28
72 Nontaxable Sales 3:46
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