Advanced LBO Modeling

  • Approximately 350 pages of step-by-step tutorial guidance
  • Complete and empty Excel model templates (compatible with both Excel 2003 and 2007) on CD-ROM
  • Incorporates industry best practices and recent case studies, and is updated for new M&A accounting issues
  • Free 24-month online support. Learn More
  • This program is eligible for 7 PD credit hours as granted by CFA Institute. Learn More
  • Recommended for Premium Package Customers, Boot Camp Attendees, and Experienced Bankers

Key Highlights View Curriculum (pdf)

  • Learn how an LBO / Recapitalization works given today's benchmarks and credit environment
  • Develop an "industrial strength" comprehensive, and integrated LBO model, with multiple operating scenarios
  • Integrate switches - Standalone vs. LBO vs. Recap model
  • Toggle between tax and valuation implications of asset deals, (338(h)(10) election, and stock sale
  • Gain the confidence to ace your private equity interviews
  • Modeling LBO debt: Senior, Revolver, Sub, Mezz, and Pref stock. Model PIK vs. cash interest and dividends, etc.
  • Building the LBO Sources & Uses (S&U) Schedule - the correct way
  • Analyze IRRs for sponsors, management, preferreds, and mezzanine
  • Add complex Depreciation / Tax / NOLs / Deferred Tax / Working Capital / Amortization schedules
  • Use as a reference to get ahead on the job and in your career

Intuitive, Self-Paced, and Comprehensive

Wall Street Prep's Advanced LBO Modeling Self Study Program is intuitive and self-paced. You should expect to spend approximately 20-30 hours to complete it. The program uses approximately 350 pages of tutorial guidance and Excel model templates (shipped in the mail) and teaches students how to build, analyze, and interpret LBO models and transactions in a step-by-step fashion on their own, at their own pace.

Virtual Job Experience

The Advanced LBO Modeling Program bridges the gap between academics and the real world to equip students with the practical financial skill set that they will need in private equity and leveraged finance. Students learn LBO modeling in Excel from scratch using intuitive, step-by-step instruction and model templates the way it is actually performed in private equity. The program utilizes a case study format, as students follow their tutorial guide alongside the Excel model templates, and are directed to the appropriate external documents (SEC filings, research reports, etc.) in order to build complex LBO model the way they would on the job.

Support Center

Upon enrollment, students gain 24-month free access to Wall Street Prep's Online Support Center, where they receive answers to questions, free downloads, and important updates from the support staff.