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A little bit of 1-on-1 attention goes a long way

Get personalized technical skills training and invaluable insights on how to successfully navigate the investment banking, PE and equity research recruitment and interview process from a finance professional who has been there.

  • Finance Skills "Tune Up"

    If you haven't been living and breathing finance and Excel, a few private lessons can make all the difference before starting an internship or to level up once you're already on the job. Private lessons are tailored to your pre-existing level of knowledge, current or desired role.

  • LBO Modeling Test & Case Study Prep

    PE recruits aggressively from the IB Analyst pool. Put yourself in the best position with a coach that themselves successfully recruited from IB into a prestigious PE firm. Coaching goes beyond mastering generic LBO modeling tests, case studies and prompts and is tailored to the PE funds and roles you're targeting during recruiting.

  • Breaking into Investment Banking

    Not everyone comes into the IB recruiting process on an even footing. Get a massive leg up with private coaching from a trusted trainer at the world's top investment banks. Coaching is tailored to your unique profile (High vs. Low GPA, Liberal Arts vs. Finance Major) and your specific career goals (M&A vs. Sales & Trading vs. Equity Research). Includes a FREE copy of WSP's popular Red Book IB Interview Guide

"Working with students through the finance recruitment process is an incredibly rewarding experience. From a trainer's perspective, the ability to really zero in on specific goals and see that work pay off in a successful interview or job offer is as good as it gets."

Adam McGowan,
WSP Instructor & Coach

Other 1:1 Coaching Topics

Finance "Tune-Up" Topics
  • Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Corporate Finance and Valuation
  • Credit Analysis
Financial Modeling
  • "Help me with my model!"
  • 3 Statement Modeling
  • LBO Modeling
  • Valuation and Pitchbook Outputs
  • Merger and Accretion/Dilution Modeling
  • 13 Week Cash Flow Modeling
Excel and PowerPoint
  • Excel Speed Training
  • PowerPoint Speed Training
  • Excel VBA
Breaking into Finance Careers
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Sales & Trading
  • Equity Research
  • Asset Management
  • Restructuring
  • Financial Planning & Analysis
Sector- & Group-Specific
  • SaaS Industry Drivers and Modeling
  • VC Term Sheets and Cap Tables
  • Real Estate Financial Modeling
  • Healthcare Group
  • Retail and Consumer Group
  • Energy, Oil & Gas Group
  • FIG Group
  • Sponsors and Leveraged Fin Group
  • Project Finance
  • DCM and Fixed Income
  • ECM and Equities

Learn 1-on-1 from Wall Street’s most sought after instructors

Our coaches are experienced investment bankers, private equity and investment professionals with an insider's perspective of what it takes to break into and succeed in a career in finance. You will be paired with the finance expert that best matches your individualized learning goals.

Featured Coaches
  • Femi Ogunjumo

    Investment Banking
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  • Marc Howland

    Private Equity
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  • Eric Cheung

    Markets, Sales & Trading
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  • Pete Boukouzis

    Investment Banking
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  • Caroline Rawe

    Private Equity
    View Bio
  • Matt Lo

    Private Equity
    View Bio
  • Michelle Behrend

    Markets, Sales & Trading
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  • Brad Gibbs

    Investment Banking
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  • Alex Stoyanov

    Investment Banking
    View Bio
  • Katherine Dextraze

    Private Equity
    View Bio
  • Abhi Chandrasekhara

    Private Equity, VC
    View Bio
  • Adam McGowan

    Investment Banking, VC
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70 More Coaches Covering All Finance Sectors & Groups

1:1 Coaching Pricing

Some people know exactly what they need ("I have an IB interview next week - help!"), while others work with their coach to determine the right lesson plan. Either way, you'll get an unrivaled personalized experience based on your individual learning goal.
Coaching Perks: $150 WSP Credit

Anyone who completes a coaching session gets a $150 credit towards a WSP self-study program or live boot camp.

Book 1:1 Coaching Today
Single Sessions
3 or less hours of training
  • Crash session for upcoming IB interview
  • Resume & cover letter review
  • Mock interview and feedback
  • "Help me with my model!"
  • LBO modeling test coaching
Coaching Packages
More comprehensive coaching
  • Private Equity Recruiting & Case Interview Prep
  • Investment Banking Recruiting & Interview Prep
  • Upskilling for Existing Finance Professionals
  • Industry-Specific Modeling
  • Advanced Excel Coaching

Our 4-Step Coaching Approach

  1. Intro & Coach Appointment

    We begin our partnership with a conversation to understand and identify your goals, knowledge gaps and learning style in order to match you with the right coaching expert.

  2. Pathway Planning

    Your personal coach will design and curate a customized learning plan to get you up to speed on the technical skills you'll need to succeed in interviews and on the job.

  3. 1:1 Coaching Sessions

    Coaching sessions will take place via Zoom at a pace that both fits your schedule and ensures a full ramp-up ahead of interviews, recruiting or any goal you set.

  4. Post-Learning Journey

    At the conclusion of Coaching sessions, we’ll share with you actionable next steps including access to the WSP Online Learning Platform ensure you can continue to grow and learn on your own.

Wall Street Prep 1:1 coaching programs are personalized versions of the rigorous technical and professional skills training we deliver to the world's largest financial institutions.

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