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Premium Package

The Complete Step-By-Step Financial & Valuation Modeling Program

Complete Modeling Package. Everything you need to master financial modeling: Learn DCF, Comps, M&A, LBO and Financial Statement Modeling in this all-in-one collection of modeling courses.

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Package Contents

Basic Package

Learn Financial Statement Modeling (valuation modeling not included)

Learn financial statement modeling and modeling best practices, using an intuitive step-by-step approach. For the complete modeling program including valuation modeling, see our Premium Package.

Real Estate (REIT) Modeling

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Understand the real estate industry's unique drivers and challenges. Learn to build a REIT financial model from scratch.

Restructuring Modeling

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Learn restructuring modeling using real bankruptcy case studies. Includes industry primer and an advanced bankruptcy model.

Bank & FIG Modeling

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Banks don't look like other companies. Learn how to model, analyze, and value them, step-by-step.

LBO Modeling

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Learn how to build, analyze and interpret advanced LBO models. For investment bankers and private equity professionals.

Oil & Gas Modeling

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Complete modeling training for the O&G professional: Learn NAV, DCF, LBO, M&A, and Financial Statement modeling.

Advanced Accounting

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Covers accounting topics that are frequently encountered on the job but aren't taught in basic accounting courses.

The Ultimate Guide to the Technical Finance Interview

Package Contents

Comprehensive technical interview training with access to 100+ interview questions and answers.

Crash Course in Bonds

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Designed for those pursuing a career in fixed income research, investments, sales & trading or debt capital markets.

The Ultimate Excel VBA Course

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Start writing VBA code that you can immediately use on the job. No programming experience needed! Registration comes with Wall Street Prep's Excel VBA Certification Exam.

Excel Crash Course

Package Contents

Training for those who are new to (or rusty with) Excel. Lessons cover all Windows versions of Excel.

Accounting Crash Course

Package Contents

Our popular accounting course is designed for those with no accounting background as well as those seeking a refresher.

Analyzing Financial Reports

Package Contents

Learn the layout and composition of financial reports. Covers the 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K, S-4, S-1, and many others.

PowerPoint Crash Course

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Comprehensive PowerPoint training with a focus on speed. Designed for finance professionals, consultants and anyone looking to get the most out of PowerPoint.

Interpreting Non-GAAP Reports

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Learn how to interpret non-GAAP disclosures and model their impact on historical results, forecasts and valuation.

The Wall Street Prep Advantage

  • Comprehensive training

    These are the same comprehensive training courses our corporate clients use to prepare and assess their analysts and associates.

  • Learn by doing

    You will "learn by doing" by working through practical exercises and building financial models from scratch using real case studies.

  • Practical skills

    Our courses go beyond the academic textbook to teach practical skills you can immediately use on the job and showcase in interviews.

  • Excel mastery

    We will teach you essential Excel mechanics and shortcuts that will make you faster and more efficient than your peers.

  • Course support

    Have a question on course content? Communicate directly with instructors by asking questions throughout each course.

  • WSP Webinar Series

    Enrollment in select courses includes lifetime access to our monthly webinars that focus on industry-specific and advanced topics.

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The Wall Street Prep Quicklesson Series

7 Free Financial Modeling Lessons

Get instant access to video lessons taught by experienced investment bankers. Learn financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel shortcuts.