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Thousands of undergraduates, MBAs, investment bankers and other professionals use Wall Street Prep to prepare for the demands of a career in finance. Below you'll find some of the feedback we receive daily about our self-study programs, boot camps and in-house training.

Self-Study Courses

  • "I found this course to be extremely relevant for careers in equity research, investment banking and business development. It was an excellent learning experience, and I now feel much more confident with excel and finance/accounting concepts ahead of the interviews." Tom G., Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern
  • "Never having had an I-Banking internship, I was still able to land an interview at a top tier Investment Bank and feel completely confident about any technical questions they may ask me. With my completion of the program, there should be absolutely no doubt as to my ability to perform at the same level or above as somebody with previous I-Banking experience. Obrigado!" Eric Mendez, Parkland, FL
  • "This was a superb course, providing a solid platform for financial modeling!" Stephen Somers, Bentley College
  • "Thanks very much. It more than met my expectations and I feel I have really benefited from it." Ian Dickson, Wellington, New Zealand
  • "I found your premium program to be both challenging and thought-provoking. Both courses held my interest and really challenged me through out the program. I was surprised with the level of difficulty in both exams. They were anything but easy and most definitely tested my knowledge of the course. I certainly received my money's worth. Thank you." Michael Anderson, CPA, Palatka, FL
  • "My goal was to acquire basic understanding on financial modeling. I was very satisfied with the appropriateness of the course to my needs, that the program has enhanced my competitive profile in pursuing my career goals, and with Wall Street Prep's Self Study Program overall." Moto Hasegawa, Kashiwa Chiba, Japan

Boot Camps

  • The seminar covers the core and essential skills an investment banker needs for valuation analysis. Kristi L., U.S.-based Investment Bank
  • Excellent materials, content, and rigor! Bruce K., Global Investment Bank
  • Gets into many advanced concepts necessary for I-banking. Rich K., Global Investment Bank
  • Like B-school on steroids, fast yet with a lot of detail. Kevin F., Fortune 500 Company
  • Program is very organized. Handbook allows you to practice at home, and instructor is very informative. Jason K., Private Equity Firm
  • Really bridged the gap as a training program. Ari A., Investment Advisory Firm
  • Great overview of modeling fundamentals as well as understanding overall M&A process. Justin R., Private Equity Firm
  • Excellent instruction and direct relevance to job needs. T.L., Fortune 500 Company
  • If someone is looking to make the switch into a career involving this type of valuation work, this seminar provides an excellent starting point to develop an understanding. Robert R, Bulge Bracket Investment Bank
  • Great way to get modeling and valuation in a limited time. Christopher B., M&A Advisory Firm
  • Very thorough and instructor very knowledgeable. Kyu L., Bulge Bracket Investment Bank
  • Very informative and well presented. Chris H., Global Accounting Firm
  • Very practical and applicable. Eric S., Global Investment Management Firm
  • Helpful to understand all valuation techniques. Andrew C., Bulge Bracket Investment Bank
  • Excellent fundamentals on financial statement analysis and excel. J.W., Bulge Bracket Investment Bank
  • It gives a really good overview of M&A transactions. Taryn S., Fortune 500 Company
  • It is exactly what MBA programs fail to provide. Scott E., Investment Advisory Firm
  • Excellent overall introduction to financial modeling. Name withheld, Firm withheld
  • Great preparation for anyone in the industry. Steve F., Fortune 500 Company
  • Very relevant to I-Banking, teaches exactly what we need to know. Mac D., Investment Bank
  • Very directed at job- relevant topics, no wasted time/topics. Marshall S., Global Investment Management Firm
  • I am in private equity and never received any investment banking like training nor do I have my MBA. This class has given me an excellent entry level look into some important topics and has taught me valuable skills. Carlo L., Private Equity Firm
  • Definitely enjoyed it. Think it was very well organized and materials were organized well to ensure we covered all topics. Michael N., Bulge Bracket Investment Bank
  • Great learning experience – breaks things down step by step. Ryan S., U.S.-based Investment Bank
  • Course should serve as excellent review to finance majors especially the handouts – they are excellent, illustrative and self explanatory! Sandy L., Global Investment Management Firm

In-House Training

  • "Overall, I would rate this training, as well as Wall Street Prep's ability to transfer knowledge of the subjects, and the quality of the handouts and exercises as excellent. This training was highly relevant to the training needs of my associates." Sean Oh, Director, Corporate Finance, SK Telecom
  • "This seminar is a necessity for anyone in finance" John Heller, Harvard Business School
  • "This seminar was very helpful, objective, and served as a great introduction to financial modeling. The material was very difficult, but it was well taught, and the instructors were very knowledgeable." Jin Kim, Brandeis University
  • "The only seminar where I saw what "modeling" really is. Others just say it's modeling, but here we actually did it." Aleksei Boiko, Harvard University
  • "Definitely a great crash course! Solid materials, good topics, excellent instruction!" Xeniya Rogan, Columbia University
  • "Matan covered quite a bit of information pretty extensively. I was very impressed with his knowledge of accounting and financial statement analysis." Lauren Sepolen, Brandeis University
  • "Overall, I would rate this training as excellent; it really hit a lot of great topics." David Weiss, Babson College
  • "The entire seminar was very practical - a good change from classroom theory at MIT! It was awesome to walk away it with all the handouts and Excel templates." Adam Miller, MIT
  • "This course could be two weeks long, and I'd still want more." Dean Banks, Harvard Business School
  • "The hands-on realistic experience during the seminar brought classroom work to life and is very applicable to my future work experience." Greg Neufeld, Babson College

The Wall Street Prep Quicklesson Series

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