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  • How to succeed in the modern FP&A function
  • The Power and Art of Business Modeling
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling
  • Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis

Delivering a full range of FP&A skills

Wall Street Prep's FP&A Technical Mastery Boot Camp will equip your hires with a cross-functional understanding of accounting, finance, corporate strategy and industry dynamics while developing technical skills in Excel financial modeling and forecasting as well as "soft skills" such as leadership and presentation acumen. It will hone the technical skills your team uses most while enforcing across-the-board analysis and forecasting consistency and best practices.

Upcoming FP&A Boot Camps

Attend From Anywhere, Anytime: All in-person boot camps will also be offered online if you cannot attend in person. Plus, registration gets you unlimited attendance to any FP&A boot camp in any city for next 12 months.

Trainee Reviews

Nov 27, 2018
"Very informative and interactive. Carl provides great instruction and allowed time for one-on-one help, which was a huge plus."
Cinda B.
Nov 27, 2018
"Great deep dive into FP&A-relevant Excel techniques with great hands on examples. Highly recommend it!"
Joseph S.
Nov 27, 2018
"Very good tools to use for efficiency. Roughly 90% of the material covered was new to me and worth incorporating into my work. Great seminar!"
Claire L.
Feb 27, 2018
"Very dynamic. We covered a lot of topics that, at least in my company, would be huge if we implemented them."
Hillary B.
Feb 27, 2018
"Great view of what FP&A should be!"
Robert B.
Feb 27, 2018
"Very practical, engaging, and useful. Thanks Carl. I enjoyed the training and can’t wait to apply a lot of what I learned at work!"
Feb 27, 2018
"From an FP&A perspective this is the most beneficial course I have taken that I can apply directly to my job."
Kyle C.
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