Wall Street Prep
The Ultimate Guide to the Technical Finance Interview

The Ultimate Guide to the
Technical Finance Interview

Comprehensive Interview Training with 100+ Interview QuestionsUsed widely at top business schools to prepare students for recruiting, the Ultimate Guide to the Technical Finance Interview will prepare you for any question thrown your way. Note: No modeling is included. For modeling, see our Premium Package.

Ace Questions On...
Valuation and Multiples
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Cost of Capital (WACC)
Industry/Adjusted Beta
Relative Valuation Methods
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)

Don't just memorize questions.
Show them you're ready for the job.

There are 3 key steps to preparing for the technical finance interview:

  • 1Learn the questions you'll be asked.
  • 2Prepare your answers.
  • 3Make sure you understand the key concepts finance professionals use on the job.

Wall Street Prep's Ultimate Guide to the Technical Finance Interview combines loads of interview questions and answers with the in-depth technical training you need to show interviewers you have what it takes to succeed on the job.

Step-by-step video + interview questions

8+ Hours of Video Instruction

Our comprehensive video course will quickly get you up to speed on everything you need to know. This self-paced step-by-step instruction is perfect for both MBAs and liberal arts students with little to no finance background.

Comprehensive Question Bank

Our huge list of "must-know" interview questions is continuously updated with real questions from real interviews. BONUS: Have your own interview question? Our instructors will answer it for you.

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Who is this program for?

The Ultimate Guide to the Technical Finance Interview is designed for MBAs and undergrads, finance and liberal arts students, and anyone interviewing for a career in:

  • Investment Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Private Equity
  • Equity Research
  • Asset Management
  • Capital Markets

Course Samples

watch video
Introduction to valuation
watch video
Calculating unlevered free cash flow
watch video
Accretion/dillution exercise
watch video
Book vs. tax differences in M...
watch video
Introduction to leveraged buyouts
watch video
Simple LBO exercise

Full Course Agenda

    Basic Accounting open
    • Introduction to basic accounting
    • The world's simplest balance sheet
    • Simple balance sheet review
    • The income statement
    • Income statement review
    • How the income statement is connected to the balance sheet
    • Accrual vs. cash accounting
    • The cash flow statement
    • Cash flow statement review
    • Additional cash flow exercise
    • Additional cash flow exercise review
    • Connecting the three financial statements
    Intermediate Accounting open
    • Introduction to intermediate accounting
    • Review of the 3 financial statements
    • Expanding the financial statements
    • Deferred (unearned) revenue
    • Prepaids, accrueds, interest, dividends
    • Updated balance sheet review
    • Updated cash flow statement review
    • Additional accounting complexity
    • Stock based compensation complexity review
    • Share repurchases and issuances
    • Preferred stock
    • Write downs
    • Deferred tax liabilities
    • Acquisition accounting
    • Basic earnings per share
    Introduction to Valuation open
    • Introduction to valuation
    • Enterprise value vs equity value
    • Book vs market value
    • Overview of valuation methods
    DCF Analysis Intro open
    • Present value basics
    • Unlevered vs levered DCF
    • 6 Steps to building a DCF
    • Calculating unlevered free cash flow
    • Terminal value
    • DCF example
    • WACC: conceptual introduction
    • The WACC formula
    • Net debt
    • DCF example, part 2
    • Determining share count in a DCF
    • Evaluating the DCF as a valuation tool
    • Unlevered DCF summary
    • Levered DCF summary
    • DCF strengths and weaknesses
    DCF Appendix (WACC) open
    • The equity weight
    • Cost of debt
    • Cost of equity
    • Beta
    • Industry and adjusted beta
    Relative Valuation open
    • Introduction to relative valuation
    • Valuation multiples
    • Trading comps exercise
    • Trading comps exercise solution
    • Trading comps strengths and weaknesses
    • Transaction comps
    • Transaction multiples
    • Transaction comps exercise
    • Transaction comps exercise solution
    • Transaction comps strengths and weaknesses
    Mergers and Acquisitions open
    • Introduction to M&A
    • Players in M&A
    • The role of the investment bank in M&A
    • A day in the life of an M&A advisor
    • Accretion/dillution analysis
    • Deal consideration: paying in stock vs. cash
    • Simple Accretion/dillution exercise
    • Goodwill and acquisition accounting
    • Purchase price allocation exercise
    • Income statement deal adjustments
    • Accretion/dillution exercise 2
    • Accretion/dillution exercise 2 solution
    Advanced M&A open
    • Book vs. tax differences in M&A
    • Deferred taxes in M&A
    • Book vs. tax income statement differences
    • M&A DTL impact on financial statements
    • PPA exercise revisited
    • Target pre-deal DTLs
    • Pre-deal DTAs in asset sales
    • Pre-deal NOLs in stock sales
    • Summary and rules of thumb
    Leveraged Buyouts open
    • Introduction to leveraged buyouts
    • Simple LBO exercise
    • Simple LBO exercise 2
    • Which companies make good LBO targets
    • The role of tax savings in LBOs
    • LBO capital structure
    • LBO equity
    • Introduction to LBO debt
    • Term loans and revolvers
    • High yield bonds
    • Covenants
    • Mezzanine and bridge loans
    • LBO exercise 1
    • LBO exercise 2
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