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WSP Virtual Training Setup FAQ

WSP Virtual Training is conducted through Zoom web conferencing. Below we answer some common questions on how to join and participate in our virtual training.

Do I need a Zoom account or any special software to use Zoom?

No and no. You do not have to have a Zoom account or any special software to join a WSP training session. All you need is a webcam, a mic and a solid internet connection. You can join a test meeting at any time to test your connection.

How do I enter the classroom?

Please enter the classroom no later than 15 minutes before start time in order to be ready with your webcam and microphone when training begins.

Enter the classroom by clicking the invite URL sent via e-mail. After clicking the invite link, you will be prompted to save and then open the Zoom application. Please note the screenshots below are taken in Windows, but the steps to enter on a Mac are the same.

  1. Click the downloaded Zoom.exe file.
  2. When prompted, choose Yes to “Allow this app to make changes to your device.”
  3. Enter Your name and click “Join Meeting.”
  4. Choose to “Join with Computer Audio.”

Do I need to use a webcam?

Yes. A working webcam and microphone are a requirement for training participation. The instructor will call on trainees to answer questions, ask questions and share work at many points during the training session.

Do I need a special microphone or camera?

No. Your computer’s built in webcam and microphone will be sufficient. Most participants choose to use earbuds with a built-in mic.

No matter which microphone setup you choose, we do ask that you attend virtual training from a quiet, distraction-free room so other participants can hear you loud and clear.

Should I use an external monitor?

We highly recommend it. You will be are asked to perform exercises in Excel along with the instructor during training, and extending your view to 2 screens will give you ample space to work in Excel while viewing the instructor’s screen.

What is the dress code?

WSP Virtual Training is a professional environment. We ask all participants to dress business casual and log in from a distraction-free space.

Will people be able to hear me right away? Do I need to mute myself?

You will enter the classroom muted by default, but you’ll be able to unmute yourself at anytime. We ask that you only unmute yourself when called upon in training, to ask a question or to converse with other learners in breakout rooms.

Will I be expected to speak during training?

Yes. WSP Virtual Training is an interactive learning experience that retains the benefits of a live in-person session. In addition to listening to the instructor/presenter, learners will often be broken into smaller discussion groups and 1-on-1s to work through exercises, present material and network. Learners are also encouraged to ask questions throughout the session.

Which Zoom meeting view should I be in?

Participants are allowed to toggle between Speaker View (speaker view) and Gallery View (everyone) during the session, and view preference is totally up to you.

Speaker View vs Gallery View

You will enter the classroom in “Speaker View,” which allows you to see the presenter in the main screen and participants in smaller windows along the top. You can toggle between the two views with the “Speaker View/Gallery View” button at the top right of your screen. We recommend staying in Speaker View for the duration of the training.

Thumbnail Views during screen sharing

The presenter will be sharing his/her screen for much of the presentation (in PowerPoint, Excel, etc.). While the presenter is sharing, the shared screen will take up the entire classroom view, and a thumbnail window will allow you to either see the active speaker (the presenter) or everyone in class. We recommend keeping this in Active Speaker View (below at right):