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Wall Street Prep joins the IBP Institute to Build a CFA-like Investment Banking Credential

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We are excited to announce our participation in the IBP Institute. The IBP Institute is dedicated to building a recognized industry credential similar to the CFA for Investment Management or the FRM for Risk Managers. Details about the IBP Program can be found at www.ibpinstitute.org

About the IBP Institute

The purpose of the IBP Program is to establish professional standards of practice specific to the investment banking industry. The IBP is the first investment banking-specific credentialing program with an exam as rigorous as the CFA, FRM and other widely respected financial certifications.

“A successful investment banker must have strong technical skills early in his or her career, but must also have the capacity to develop project management, business development, and client management skills in order to advance through the ranks,” said Alastair Matchett, CEO of Financial Edge and Head of IBP Institute, EMEA. “The IBP Institute works closely with investment banks to ensure that IBP candidates have technical modeling skills as well as the soft skills and raw material to become future leaders. We believe that over the coming years, the IBP Credential will be recognized as a much better predictor of long-term career success in investment banking than which college you went to and what your major was.”

To attain the IBP Credential, candidates must pass two exams (Level I and II) that cover a wide body of knowledge including financial modeling in Excel, M&A, valuation concepts, effective communication and commercial awareness. In addition, candidates must adhere to the IBP Institute’s code of ethics and demonstrate at least one year of relevant work experience. Each level exam requires at least 200 hours of study. Registration for the June 2018 IBP Level I Exam is now open at www.ibpinstitute.org.

“We are excited to announce the public launch of the IBP Program. It is the most rigorous investment banking credential ever developed with a specific focus on skills that define success in investment banking,” said Matan Feldman, CEO of Wall Street Prep and Chairman of the IBP Institute. “There are so many talented students and young professionals ready to put in the work to become really valuable to employers, but many are liberal arts majors, or come from a non-target school, or are late to the insanely early recruiting game. The IBP lets employers easily identify these candidates and helps them develop talent already on staff.”

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