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Over 50 PE and investment firms used Wall Street Prep to train in-house in 2021

12 of the top 20 PE firms use our training programs (Based on PEI)

Dedicated PE faculty (Carlyle, Golden Gate, Warburg Pincus, Palladin, etc.)

PE Professionals Need More Than Repurposed Investment Banking Training

Most traditional training programs are aimed at the investment banking skill set. This is necessary but not sufficient for private equity analysts and interns. WSP is the only firm in the market with the insight and expertise into running and scaling PE-specific analyst and associate training.

We are the industry's training partner of choice. We train:

  • 4 of the 5 megafunds
  • The world's leading middle market firms
  • Over 50 PE firms engaged annually

Our training practice offers directly relevant programs for:

  • Buyout firms
  • Growth equity firms
  • Middle market and LMM firms

We offer specialized private equity programs across:

  • Sectors (SaaS, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Retail & Consumer)
  • Real estate private equity
  • Credit

Wall Street Prep Training in Action.
Learn How We Partner With Global Investment Firms

Wall Street Prep Training in Action

Wall Street Prep developed a comprehensive multi-stream training program for interns and full-time analysts that was customized with the firm’s models and investment case studies.

A Top 3 global private equity firm looked to Wall Street Prep to relaunch its full-time analyst program. WSP's PE-specific training replaced previous vendor's curriculum of repurposed IB modules.

Dedicated Private Equity Faculty

Our private equity programs are designed and led by experienced former PE professionals who understand that the PE skillset sits beyond what is covered in traditional investment banking training.

  • Katherine Dextraze

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  • Scott Roman

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  • Karine Blanc

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  • Marc Howland

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  • Ayodele Ekhator

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  • Jessica Holton

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  • Brian Mokoro

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  • Michael Stack

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  • Shabdha Chigurupati

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  • Matthew Lo

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  • Dylan Lam

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  • William Coleman

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  • Zachary Freeman

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  • Mike Blume

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  • +70 More Instructors Covering All Finance Sectors & Groups
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Matthew Lo
Private Equity Instructor

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Set learning paths, assign due dates

Assign learning paths and set content due dates to ensure all trainees meet learning goals.

Real-time progress reporting

Review and download real-time trainee learning progress reports from the admin dashboard.

Engaging and intuitive design

A user-friendly LXP filled with features that promote usage and enrich the learning experience including "micro-learning" video, downloads for offline learning, badges and certificates.

Assessments with lesson mapping

Exam reports with video content mappings allow learners to efficiently fill knowledge gaps.

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"Our employees are telling us this is the best virtual learning experience they have ever had. Getting our professionals in front of engaging virtual training is a key priority for us, so to get this level of feedback is a huge win."

- Associate Director of Learning & Development at a Global Investment Bank

"It’s night and day the preparedness from this year’s class, and I can’t thank you enough for that. They’re all doing really well, ramping quickly, and constantly say how helpful the sessions you taught were."

- Training Committee Member, Investment Bank that Switched to WSP in 2020

"WSP designed a program to introduce our interns to financial markets. We were thrilled with the outcome! Their ability to focus training on our own initiatives in growing product lines like ESG and alternatives was truly impressive.”

- VP of Learning and Development, Global Investment Manager

"This training checked all the boxes. The simulations, trade pitches and Bloomberg exercises made the entire 2 weeks an incredibly engaging experience for our new hires. They're excited to get started and we're thrilled with where they're at."

- Director of L&D at a Global Investment Bank

"From what I hear from my b-school friends at other banks, our training sessions were the most detailed, personal, and intense (in a good way). I'm confident we're better prepared than incoming associates elsewhere."

- Participant in New Associate Training, Elite Boutique Investment Bank

"This training has been excellent! I expected it to mirror the online modules verbatim but it was much more tailored to what our groups at [company name withheld] expect from new associates."

- Participant in New Analyst Training, Top 10 Investment Bank

"Our new hires are really well prepared due to WSP’s commitment in customizing the curriculum, integrating [company name withheld]-specific models and using specialized case studies relevant to their day-to-day work."

- Chief Talent Officer at Leading Middle Market Investment Bank
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