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Relevant Training for an Evolving Profession

Wall Street Prep's Asset Management programs are tailored to the varying roles and responsibilities with different "need to knows":
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Global Portfolio Solution (Multi-Asset)
  • Portfolio Management / Trader (Single Asset)
  • Credit Analysts / Equity Analysts

Skills We Teach:

WSP Training in Action

Learn how we work with L&D at global asset management firms to achieve learning goals with innovative training programs

Client: Global Asset Manager (>$10b AUM)
Blended Learning Program for Investment Professoinals

WSP partnered with this client to deliver annual classroom training for its new investment professionals, recurring Excel and PowerPoint best practices workshops for non-investment professionals and on-demand online learning for back office team members.

Client: Global “Bulge Bracket” Investment Bank
Online Upskilling via Finance Passport©

A leading global investment firm partners with Wall Street Prep to deliver "just in time" learning and group-specific learning journeys across its investment banking division (IBD) on Finance Passport© — an LXP built for investment banking professionals.

Integrating Bloomberg
into Training Programs

We integrate Bloomberg into course content and Bloomberg applications are taught alongside markets content.

Participants can review online recordings after the class with the instructor guiding participants step-by-step with keystrokes highlighted

Learn Why Finance Passport© is the
Industry's Leading Purpose-Built LXP

An unrivaled depth of content created specifically for finance professionals. Relevant learning and innovative technology enable L&D to deliver the right training at the right time.

Learning Journies
Role-based learning journeys deliver just the right training at just the right time for learners across all key finance functions
Assessments & Certifications
Identify each leaner's areas of strength and improvement to support struggling trainees and engage more advanced learners
Meaningful Analytics
Real-time data and credible engagement metrics allow L&D to accurately gauge learning outcomes and demonstrate ROI
Custom Technology Solutions
WSP's technical solutions team builds and supports custom learning applications and integrations
  • Assignment Setup
  • Learning Groups
  • User Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Training Scheduler
  • Message Users
Assignments & Due Dates
Learner Stream 1Markets(64 Learners)
Due Date
Add Exam
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Excel Crash Course
July 10
Intro to Python
July 10
Intro to Financial Markets, Intro to Bonds
July 17
Central Banks Part 2 and Equity Indices
July 17
Learner Stream 2Investment Banking(57 Learners)
Due Date
Add Exam
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Excel Crash Course
July 17
Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis
July 17
Financial Modeling Best Practices
July 24
M&A Modeling
July 24
Audrey Chen
Role: Sales and Trading Analyst
Areas of Strength
  • Bond Math

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Yield Curves

  • Money Market Math

  • Bloomberg Functions

  • Cash Equities

  • Equity Valuation

  • Equity Futures

  • Securities Lending

Improvement Needed
  • Duration Calculations

  • ETF Arbitrage

  • Delta One

  • Asset Managers

  • Credit Analysis

  • Equity Indices

How We Work

WSP is the only firm in the market with insight and expertise into running truly customized asset management training programs. Before presenting a comprehensive training program, we strive to deeply understand the makeup of your population, the goals of the stakeholders involved in training decisions, and how the programs we deliver fit within your organization's broader learning culture.

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"Our employees are telling us this is the best virtual learning experience they have ever had. Getting our professionals in front of engaging virtual training is a key priority for us, so to get this level of feedback is a huge win."

- Associate Director of Learning & Development at a Global Investment Bank

"It’s night and day the preparedness from this year’s class, and I can’t thank you enough for that. They’re all doing really well, ramping quickly, and constantly say how helpful the sessions you taught were."

- Training Committee Member, Investment Bank that Switched to WSP in 2020

"WSP designed a program to introduce our interns to financial markets. We were thrilled with the outcome! Their ability to focus training on our own initiatives in growing product lines like ESG and alternatives was truly impressive.”

- VP of Learning and Development, Global Investment Manager

"This training checked all the boxes. The simulations, trade pitches and Bloomberg exercises made the entire 2 weeks an incredibly engaging experience for our new hires. They're excited to get started and we're thrilled with where they're at."

- Director of L&D at a Global Investment Bank

"From what I hear from my b-school friends at other banks, our training sessions were the most detailed, personal, and intense (in a good way). I'm confident we're better prepared than incoming associates elsewhere."

- Participant in New Associate Training, Elite Boutique Investment Bank

"This training has been excellent! I expected it to mirror the online modules verbatim but it was much more tailored to what our groups at [company name withheld] expect from new associates."

- Participant in New Analyst Training, Top 10 Investment Bank

"Our new hires are really well prepared due to WSP’s commitment in customizing the curriculum, integrating [company name withheld]-specific models and using specialized case studies relevant to their day-to-day work."

- Chief Talent Officer at Leading Middle Market Investment Bank
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