Wall Street Prep

Blended Learning Program for Investment Professoinals


Global Asset Manager

Partnership Scope

New hire intern and full-time analyst training


Summer Analyst Training, full-time analyst training and Continuing Professional Development

Population Size



Blended: In-person and online (synchronous and asynchronous)


  • A Global Asset Manager approached WSP seeking to develop training for its summer and full-time research analysts across different asset classes.
  • The firm historically shied away from vendor-led training in favor of an internally-run program because traditional outside training was generic and not comprehensive enough to cover the various asset classes (Equities, Fixed Income, Private Equity & Venture Capital Investments, Real Estate) relevant for the learners’ roles.


WSP developed a multi-prong approach for different new-hire populations.

  • Foundational intern program that introduced summer analysts to key Excel & PowerPoint, modeling, and valuation topics while providing them with a general framework of various investing classes.
  • Customized full-time program that initially consisted of core modeling and valuation topics followed by different training streams designed to introduce learners to specific asset classes and groups they were joining.
  • Inclusion of personalized eLearning designed to level-set and support in advance of, during and following instructor-led elements of the program across both summer and full-time populations.
  • Inclusion of live continued education offerings for the new hires’ first 24 months across each major group, consisting of both advanced and asset-specific topics.


  • 100% of all intern and full-time participants recommend WSP training.
    All training feedback reports show participants valued the high degree of content relevance to their work, especially asset-specific training streams.
  • The firm’s training committee has expanded the partnership with WSP to include live continued education offerings across each major group for all new investment hires during their first 24 months on the job.