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Finance Passport©: Engaging learners while supporting L&D

Finance Passport©, Wall Street Prep's learning experience platform, is the only content library purpose-built for finance professionals and is the world's #1 finance learning platform in terms of adoption.

Whether you are looking for a turnkey LXP that deliver engaging and desk relevant content and reporting tools for L&D managers, or you need a content solution that integrates with your existing LXP, Finance Passport© supports both options.

  • Vast Content Library
    The largest online catalog of Applied Finance content — it’s not even close.
  • Relevant & Timely Courses
    Over 150+ high quality, highly relevant, and timely courses and guides.
  • Integrate with Your LXP
    Plays well with leading LXP platforms, allowing for seamless integration.
  • Bite-Sized & Searchable
    A full library of searchable “bite-sized” videos available to your in-house trainees.
  • Recommendation Engine
    A recommendation engine that identifies relevant courses based on learner behavior.
  • Connect via SSO
    Single sign-on means our LXP works with your in-house systems, easing internal onboarding.
  • Assessment Engine
    Exams and other tools give employees and their managers true insight into progress.
  • Data for Managers
    Management dashboards with detailed metrics for L&D teams and business managers.
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What Makes Finance Passport© Different?

There is no shortage of online courses claiming to be relevant for finance professionals, so what makes us different?

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Equity Futures and Delta One
Navigating the Private Equity Deal Process
Excel LAMBDA Applications for Finance

Timely, Relevant Content

The reality is that most “one stop shop” online content libraries lack relevance and are often grossly outdated, which is especially problematic in specialized areas like Investments and Markets. WSP has the only platform that provides both breadth and depth of content across Markets, Investment Management, Investment Banking, and Private Equity.

Individual Learning Journeys

Courses, articles, webinars and other resources can be mapped to specific competencies and roles, allowing the creation of a fully customized, individualized learning journey for anyone at your company — from summer interns to full-time analysts and associates.


Clients rely on our assessment solutions during intern training, graduate programs and continuing professional development in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Quantify ROI on learning initiatives
  • Gain a simple and effective reporting dashboard
  • Level-set employees and improve training outcomes
  • Integrate with an internal LXP
  • Identify learner knowledge gaps and provide upskilling opportunity
Audrey Chen
Role: Sales and Trading Analyst
Areas of Strength
  • Bond Math

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Yield Curves

  • Money Market Math

  • Bloomberg Functions

  • Cash Equities

  • Equity Valuation

  • Equity Futures

  • Securities Lending

Improvement Needed
  • Duration Calculations

  • ETF Arbitrage

  • Delta One

  • Asset Managers

  • Credit Analysis

  • Equity Indices

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    Active Users
  • 18h 55m
    Avg. Time Per User
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Online learning is in our DNA: Our firm was founded as an online learning company and expanded into classroom training. Our clients benefit from our dedicated in-house team of LXP implementation specialists, consultants, and UI/UX professionals who work together for you to ensure a seamless adoption of the platform.

We'll ensure you have engaging learning resources at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it, all while preserving your firm's branding, look and feel.

Learning Admin Resources
Setting Up Your Learners
Applying Your Branding

L&D Services

For larger programs, we become an extension of your L&D team to manage multiple populations and streams, create solutions to address finance vs. non finance populations and reduce the logistics and communication burdens on limited internal L&D resources.
  • Assignment Setup
  • Learning Groups
  • User Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Training Scheduler
  • Message Users
Assignments & Due Dates
Learner Stream 1Markets(64 Learners)
Due Date
Add Exam
Send Certificate
Excel Crash Course
July 10
Intro to Python
July 10
Intro to Financial Markets, Intro to Bonds
July 17
Central Banks Part 2 and Equity Indices
July 17
Learner Stream 2Investment Banking(57 Learners)
Due Date
Add Exam
Send Certificate
Excel Crash Course
July 17
Accounting & Financial Statement Analysis
July 17
Financial Modeling Best Practices
July 24
M&A Modeling
July 24

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