Wall Street Prep

Global Investment Research Training Program in a Virtual Setting


Investment Research Group of Bulge-Bracket Investment Bank


Full Time Research Associates – New Hire Training

Population Size



Blended (Synchronous & Asynchronous)


  • Leading Global Investment Bank needed to deliver a global training program for investment research in a virtual setting.
  • Existing provider was not able to deliver a program across multiple geographic streams.
  • Training needed to be relevant and led by former research professionals.
  • Program needed to address needs of both finance and non finance grads.
  • Seminar curriculum needed to be tailored to the bank.


Complete program redesign to a conference style approach:

  • Core Curriculum followed by Track specific Electives: Participants learned together in a core curriculum before being able to choose elective courses specific to their role.
  • Role-specific capstone project: WSP developed several capstone projects to replicate what the participant’s role once they are on the desk.
  • Online platform design: Wall Street Prep designed an online platform to facilitate the conference style approach, allowing participants to select courses, manage all virtual classroom links and files, and present results and scores to the L&D teams.


  • Exceptionally high levels of engagement globally.
  • One of the top-rated new-hire training programs at the bank.
  • 95%+ agree they were given the accounting, valuation and modeling tools necessary to be successful as an analyst in investment research.
  • 100% understand how these skills are relevant to their role.