Wall Street Prep

Analyst, Associate and VP Lateral New Hires


Leading Canadian Investment Bank

Partnership Scope

New hire analyst, associate and VP training across the firm’s global investment banking divisions


Customized new hire training for analysts, associates and VP lateral hires

Population Size



In-person instructor-led live training


  • Client evaluating differentiated training solution to streamline the rollout of a customized internal leveraged finance and debt modeling template
  • Client was also seeking expanded training offering to include elements of pitchbook development and commercial storytelling
  • Emphasis on ability to deliver to varying degrees of knowledge and applied backgrounds to elevate all learners to the same caliber
  • Client stressed the dynamic attributes of the internal model template and wanted the appropriate instruction to ensure learners developed a deep understanding for how to use the model


  • Developed a hands-on immersive training using the client-specific leveraged finance model
  • Created multi-step learning modules and materials to serve as a training guide and also leave-behind reference to ensure all learners could correctly and productively use their internal model
  • Designed a multi-day interactive training program to not only include the custom modeling training, but also to help develop qualitative and critical thinking skills including pitchbook development and commercial storytelling
  • In addition to the custom internal model training, WSP delivered training on foundational and advanced concepts to help demystifying credit and leveraged finance and connect advanced concepts to model construction and architecture
  • Real-life case studies were incorporated to create the highest relevance to the training and give learners a clear on-the-job perspective of the concepts they’re learning


  • Participants acquired the skills they needed without sitting through courses that were not relevant to their role.
  • Participants gained the advanced knowledge of critical credit and leveraged finance concepts they were then able to apply to their internally used model
  • Participants appreciated the added training on pitchbook development and commercial storytelling as the expectations of their role are expanding