Wall Street Prep

Global New Hire Training for Global “Bulge Bracket” Investment Bank


Global “Bulge Bracket” Investment Bank (Top 5)

Partnership Scope

Comprehensive graduate and intern training across the firm’s global IBD and Markets divisions.


Investment Banking & Global Markets Divisions: New Hire Analyst Training, Intern Training, Continuing Professional Development

Population Size



Blended (Synchronous & Asynchronous)


Americas, EMEA, APAC: Multiple streams are conducted concurrently globally, across a variety of tailored learning programs, including multi-week in-person, pre-learning and assessments, as well as synchronous and asynchronous online learning.


  • Client evaluating alternative providers to historical incumbents.
  • Global consistency with regional nuance among key criteria for provider evaluation.
  • Emphasis on ability to deliver quality at scale (approx. 1,600 participants) across both Intern and Analyst populations.
  • Client stressed the need for client/region- specific case studies and examples, as well as focus on   culture and values.
  • Solution to be built to be delivered virtually, in person or a combination of both.


Complete program redesign to a conference style approach:

  • Core Curriculum followed by Track specific Electives: Participants learned together in a core curriculum before being able to choose elective courses specific to their role.
  • Role-specific capstone project: WSP developed several capstone projects to replicate what the participant’s role once they are on the desk.
  • Online platform design: Wall Street Prep designed an online platform to facilitate the conference style approach, allowing participants to select courses, manage all virtual classroom links and files, and present results and scores to the L&D teams.