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Investment Banking Resume Template

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Investment Banking Resume Template

Writing an effective, succinct investment banking resume is the first step for students looking to break into the industry.

Since investment banking recruiters are inundated with resumes, expect they will spend less than 30 seconds on your resume.

Therefore, it is important for your resume to clearly and quickly communicate the key accomplishments that will set you apart.

Having a clean and “industry standard” resume also communicates that you understand the role and have done the proper legwork and preparation.

The template below is a great template for students that are applying for investment banking positions (if you have been out of school, the format should be a little different, principally your ‘education’ section needs to be below the experience section.

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Investment Banking Resume – Template Download (PDF)

Use the form below to download our sample Investment Banking Resume:


Investment Banking Resume Example

Feel free to use this investment banking resume template – just remember to PDF the version before submitting it to banks – you do not want to submit a Word doc because of the formatting.

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