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Private Equity Certification

Complete LBO Modeling and Private Equity Training Certification Program

Last Updated February 20, 2024

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Private Equity Certification

Top Private Equity Masterclass Certification Program

The Wall Street Prep Private Equity Masterclass course bundle contains two courses offerings:

  1. LBO Modeling
  2. Private Equity Deal Process

Part 1. Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Modeling Course

Wall Street’s Prep’s LBO Modeling Course is the industry standard on learning how to construct comprehensive LBO models used to support real transactions, utilizing a real-life case study – the leveraged buyout (LBO) of BMC led by Bain Capital and Golden Gate Capital.

Bain Capital BMC Buyout

Part 2. Private Equity (PE) Deal Process Course

Taught by a team of former private equity professionals with extensive experience being staffed on some of the most high-profile PE deals, our PE Deal Process course goes beyond LBO modeling and investment concepts by discussing the application and transaction considerations that ordinarily could only be learned on the job.

The Wharton Online
and Wall Street Prep Private Equity Certificate Program

Level up your career with the world's most recognized private equity investing program. Enrollment is open for the May 13 - July 7 cohort.

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LBO Modeling Course

In the first part of our private equity course bundle, you will be taught how to build a complex leveraged buyout (LBO) model from scratch.

Our course starts with an introductory review of fundamental LBO concepts, typical deal structures, and fee arrangements, as well as commentary on the prevailing industry landscape.

Once you understand the theory behind LBOs and related core concepts – for example, the rationale behind the high proportion of debt in the total capital structure – we’ll move on to modeling a real-life buyout case study.


Here, we will walk you through the creation of the LBO model step-by-step, as well as provide commentary regarding industry modeling conventions and common pitfalls that many candidates encounter.

Unique to our LBO modeling course, we go beyond just “showing” how to model by focusing on “doing” instead, which we accomplish through hands-on exercises.

Given Wall Street Prep’s extensive amount of time spent training our corporate clients and the background of our instructors, our team knows precisely where many trainees make errors.

To conclude the LBO modeling course, we finish by discussing how to perform sensitivity analysis and build output tables, which id typically the final step before presenting the analysis to an investment committee.

Private Equity Deal Process Course

No two private equity transactions are the same – hence, the value of the insights shared by our experienced instructors.

Once you have LBO modeling down, the next step for you is to learn about deal structuring in the context of traditional majority buyouts (i.e. controlling stakes) and minority investments.

Ordinarily, understanding how the entire deal process works from the initial diligence phase to the date of transaction close could only be learned from experience – until our deal process course came along to provide an insider’s view and bridge the gap.

Each step in the LBO deal process is covered in-depth, including:

  • Pre-Deal Period
  • First Round Bid / Indication of Interest (IOI)
  • Diligence Deep Dive / Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • Post-LOI Phase
  • Transaction Close

Within the course content, we address the typical deal structure of an LBO, with commentary in a Q&A format from our team of instructors that come from firms such as Golden Gate, Warburg Pincus, Palladin, and The Carlyle Group.

In each lesson, a component of private equity transactions will be discussed, with explanations of the key deal considerations.

Practice LBO Modeling Tests

These explanations are coupled with real-life experiences that depict the concept in practice and help explain nuances that only those with industry experience would know, which will advance your understanding of the topic even further.

Therefore, whether you are preparing for private equity interviews and the LBO modeling tests – or if you just want to grasp building more complex LBO models ahead of time to be more efficient on the job – our course bundle and certification cover all the bases.

Private Equity Associates Training Program

Currently, four of the top five private equity firms are trained by Wall Street Prep.

The PE firms directly trained by Wall Street Prep consist of leading middle-market firms to the mega-funds, which is a clear testament to the quality of our training material and faculty.

Of course, there are other certifications out there in the market – yet none of them, other than Wall Street Prep – can let their extensive list of clients speak for itself.

Therefore, by enrolling in our Private Equity Masterclass course and successfully obtaining a certificate, you receive the same type of training given to newly onboarded associates at leading PE firms.

Junior professionals nowadays are expected to “hit the ground running” and contribute to the deal team immediately, especially in the current deal environment with record levels of dry powder (i.e. undeployed capital).

WSP Private Equity Clients

Wall Street Prep – Select Private Equity Clients

Private Equity Certification Prerequisites

While our training program is the most comprehensive offering, our program does assume baseline knowledge regarding accounting concepts and Excel.

If you are lacking in those areas or need a quick refresher, we recommend enrolling in our courses on the following topics:

The core concepts of valuation are necessary to understand the mechanics of an LBO model.

On the job, LBO modeling and diligence on investment opportunities are the primary types of analyses conducted, yet expertise in building other types of financial models to supplement your findings cannot be neglected.

Understanding financial and valuation modeling is in your best interests, as it makes learning LBO modeling and the private equity deal process more intuitive.

Who is the Private Equity Certification for?

  • Investment Banking Analysts and Associates
  • Incoming Private Equity Associates
  • Consultants (Management Consulting, Big 4 Accounting Consulting)
  • Buy-Side Professionals (Hedge Fund Analysts)
  • Corporate Finance (FP&A, Corporate Development)
  • MBA Candidates

Regardless of your current background – whether you are following the traditional on-cycle recruitment for PE roles from investment banking and management consulting or coming from a more non-traditional path – our comprehensive courses were designed with a wide range of participants in mind.

Industry-Leading Private Equity Certification Program

If you are looking for the top private equity training program available in the market, look no further.

There is no comparable course offering that comes even close to the depth of insights contained within our material and the time spent improving our teaching methods.

Each of our courses and webinars is taught by the most sought-after trainers in their respective industries – not just by undergraduate and MBA candidates seeking to receive offers in their target industry – but former investment professionals from the top buy-side (and sell-side) firms themselves.

In fact, the firm you are interviewing for might very well be trained by Wall Street Prep, whose instructors are relied upon for their concise, “straight-to-the-point” instructive style.

The Private Equity Masterclass Certification is not just meant for interview preparation, but rather, we take it a step further by training you to be prepared to add value on the job right from the very start.

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