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Quick Lesson: OFFSET MATCH and Data Validation, Part 1

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In this video, I'll show you how to integrate scenarios into financial models. We'll do this by building a drop down menu in Excel using data validation and connecting the drop down menu to the scenario analysis using the OFFSET / MATCH function.

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Great stuff,
My question:
Is there any opportunity to make let's say a kind of Compound Scenario that would comprise of e.g. subscenarios:
Revenue growth Base case;
Operating expense margin: Best case
Interest expense as % of revenue: Weak case
Tax rate: Base case

Frederic Labrosse
Frederic Labrosse

Hello, I really liked this model as it is helping me with building my 5-year start-up model. However in one of my in of my scenarios i have a percent value of operating days based on bad weather. I would like the output of the offset to also perform a… Read more »


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