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Below is an example of a real investment banking pitchbook, in all its mundane glory. Since we sign NDAs with our clients, it has always been difficult for us to share a real pitchbook example.  Well, the good news is that Oracle has made one available to the world, thanks to a feud between it and the software company Autonomy, recently acquired by HP:

autonomy pitchbook

The nature of the feud is interesting as it sheds light on how investment banking pitches are presented to clients, so I recommend everyone read the dealbreaker article below.

Frank Quattrone

Frank Quattrone

Frank Quattrone Probably Didn’t Want Everyone To See This Particular Pitchbook

People who have real jobs are sometimes surprised to learn how much of investment banking consists of hopeless pitching. Your team puts together a forty-page slide deck with sixty pages of appendices, proofreads it repeatedly, updates numbers every day for two weeks, and prints a dozen glossy spiral-bound copies. Then you lug them halfway across the continent, slog through the first five pages with an increasingly bored potential client, are politely rebuffed, and then cleverly ask “hey do you want any extra copies of the presentation for your colleagues?” so you don’t have to carry them back on the plane. Glamorous work. Full article

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Great article! For those interested in pitchbook examples, there's this gallery as well: tinyurl.com/talkpts


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