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Wall Street Prep Launches On-Campus Sales & Trading Training Program

Designed for students preparing for interviews, internships and full-time positions in Sales & Trading, Hedge Funds and Asset Management

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Ahead of 2019-2020 academic year, Wall Street Prep has launched a Sales & Trading training program to prepare students for interviews, internships and full time positions.

This program is a student-focused version of Wall Street Prep’s corporate Sales & Trading program (used by top U.S. and international investment banks use to prepare incoming S&T analysts) and is fully customizable based on student trainee backgrounds.

Who is the Program For?

The program is designed for students preparing for interviews, internships and full-time positions in Sales & Trading, Hedge Fund, and Asset Management as well as finance faculty who want to supercharge their finance lab learning experience.

What will Students Learn?

This program give students a 360-degree view of the Sales and Trading job function as well as Markets and Economics, IPOs and Equity Capital Markets and Debt Capital Markets. It uses real-world exercises and trade simulations to walk through common interview topics such as Duration and Options Theory and shows trainees how to use Bloomberg the way it’s done on the job.

Taught by Experienced S&T Professionals

The On-Campus Sales & Trading Program is taught by Wall Street Prep’s team of experienced instructor-practitioners — former traders with years of experience at major investment banks. Students will learn how to decode the S&T jargon, technical skills, and enhance their university finance lab experience.

Bring the Sales & Trading Program to your Campus or Classroom

For more information on this training program, contact Matt Blair, Director of On-Campus Training, at 617-314-7685 or [email protected], or fill out the form below:

    Contact an On-Campus Training Coordinator

    Use the form below to learn more about Wall Street Prep's Sales & Trading Program. A training coordinator will be in touch shortly

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