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Investment Banker Salary Averages, Updated for 2015


Note: We have updated this data for 2016. You can find that post here.

How times have changed since the financial crisis led to reductions in investment banking bonuses and a huge drop in recruiting. More and more investment banks are increasing base salaries in 2015 to remain competitive and increase retention. Many are also implementing policies limiting weekend work. Below are the most recent compensation levels by position. Analysts come straight from undergrad, while associates come from business schools or are promoted internally from the analyst position.

First Year Investment Banking Analyst (2015)

Base: $85k (up from $70k in 2014)
Bonus: $55-$75k (2014 data)

Second Year Investment Banking Analyst (2015)

Base: $90k (up from $80k in 2014)
Bonus: $75-$95k (2014 data)

Third Year Investment Banking Analyst (2015)

Base: $90k-$100k ($90k in 2014)
Bonus: $95-$115k (2014 data)

First Year Investment Banking Associate (2015)

Base: $110-$125k
Bonus: $80-$100k (2014 data)

Beyond First Year Associate

At the associate level, compensation starts to vary more widely.  At the highest end, associates can make as much as $250k.  The next level up is Vice President, which make up to $400k. Highest on the food chain is the Managing Director, who can make anywhere from 500k to several million dollars.


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