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100+ Excel Shortcuts You Need to Know

Excel shortcuts are a fundamental component of efficient financial modeling. Quite simply, it’s well worth the time to learn them. Here, you'll find the most important time-saving shortcuts for Excel 2016 for Windows and Mac.

About Investment Banking

An investment bank is a financial institution that provides advisory services such as mergers and acquisitions, underwrites securities, and facilitates sales and trading for corporations, private investors, and governments.

Investment Banking Interview Prep

In this section, we provide comprehensive resources for networking effectively to land an investment banking interview, and guidance on how to ace interviews.

Investment Banking Salary Data

An investment banker typically has two salary parts: salary and bonus. The majority of money that a banker makes comes from the bonus and the bonus increases drastically as you move up the hierarchy.

Investment Banking Career Paths

Some banks call certain IB positions different names or have added levels of hierarchy, but the career of an investment banker progresses along a fairly standard path. Here are the standard investment banking positions from junior to senior.

Financial Modeling Conventions

In this guide, we identify the financial modeling conventions that are used across Wall Street and address why modeling in the investment banking context is sometimes different from modeling in other areas of finance.


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7 Free Financial Modeling Lessons

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