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Investment Banking Accounting Questions Lesson: Net Income vs Cash Flow

The technical side of the investment banking interview is often comprised of valuation questions, capital markets questions, and accounting questions. When it comes to accounting, a favorite interview topic is the relationship between cash ... Read More

Salary and unemployment rate, by college major

Georgetown's recent survey provides insight into the salary and unemployment prospects by college major.  Here's what we learned: if you major in nursing you will definitely find a job (2.2% unemployment).  Also, the study ... Read More

How an Investment Banker Builds an Accretion Dilution Model, Part 1

Note: you can find a more recent version of this lesson by clicking here. This article is part one of a two-part series.  Click here for part two. One of the core models investment banking ... Read More

Enterprise Value vs Equity Value

Questions surrounding enterprise value vs equity value seem to pop up again and again in our corporate training seminars. In general, investment bankers seem to know a lot less about valuation concepts than you'd expect given ... Read More

My EBITDA multiple is bigger than yours

Investment Bankers talk a lot about multiples. In fact, almost everyone in finance talks about multiples. Jim Cramer is probably talking about some company’s multiple right now. Surprisingly, though, multiples and what they actually represent ... Read More

It’s all about Valuation – Getting at the Heart of the Finance Interviews!

Last month, we published a quick guide to answering most frequently asked accounting questions during the finance interviews, and in this issue are sharing our thoughts on how to answer valuation questions, which make ... Read More

Global IB League tables are in: JP Morgan is king

Thomson Reuters has released its list for the top investment banks, in terms of fees for M&A, Equity, Bonds and Loan transactions for the year through 9/30/11.  So far this year, JP Morgan is ... Read More

Want to Know How a Hedge Fund Manager Picks a Stock to Short?

In a recent article, I posted an investment banking pitchbook to give you a sense of what these bad boys actually look like.  If you were thoroughly under-impressed by the contents of the pitchbook, I wouldn't ... Read More

Investment Banking vs Equity Research

If you're considering a career in investment banking, you should definitely consider banking's slightly less glamorous cousin, equity research. Equity research analysts closely analyze small groups of stocks in order to provide insightful investment ideas ... Read More

M&A Analyst Day In The Life

In a prior post, we posted an actual pitchbook so you can see exactly what they look like. Below, a new investment banking analyst describes a typical day in his own words. 9:30am - ... Read More


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