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Align to Slide vs. Align Objects

You have two options to choose from when using the Alignment Tool in PowerPoint: ‘Align Selected Objects’ and ‘Align to Slide’. If you don’t know how these options work (and affect the alignment of ... Read More

Secrets to Navigating the PowerPoint Ribbon With Your Arrow Keys

In the previous article, you learned how you can use your Ribbon Guide shortcuts on a PC to access any command or feature in PowerPoint. If you missed that article, I recommend first reading ... Read More

Shortcuts to Quickly Send Backward and Bring Forward in PowerPoint

Is there a way to shortcut the Send Backward and Bring Forward commands? You bet there is! To see what the shortcuts are and why I personally DO NOT use them (and what I ... Read More

QAT Shortcuts for Investment Bankers and Consultants

In this article, I’ll share with you what I recommend every Investment Banker or Consultant who wants to be the most valuable asset on any project they work on put on their QAT. If ... Read More

QAT Guide Shortcuts for Investment Bankers

The Quick Access Toolbar (or QAT for short) is the second half of Microsoft’s newest shortcut system that was introduced back in November 2006. While you can use Ribbon Guides to access any command ... Read More

3 Ribbon Guide Shortcut Strategies for Investment Bankers

Now that you understand what Ribbon Guide shortcuts are, this article will lay out a few key pointers on how to get the most out of them. Before reading the article, take a look ... Read More

Ribbon Guide Shortcuts for Investment Bankers

In this article you will learn the first part of Microsoft’s newest keyboard shortcut system for PC users, what I call Ribbon Guides. At the time of this writing, Ribbon Guides only work on ... Read More

Visible Hybrid Shortcuts

In this article you will learn how to take advantage of what I call Visible Hybrid keyboard shortcuts. As you will discover in the short video below, these shortcuts exist everywhere within PowerPoint if ... Read More

Hybrid Power Shortcuts

In this article you’ll learn how to use a special (semi-secret) set of PowerPoint shortcuts that I call Hybrid Power Shortcuts. These are sets of shortcuts that you access using a combination of your ... Read More

Shift-Sister Shortcuts Every Investment Banker Should Know

In this article, you will learn 6 different sets of Shift-Sister Shortcuts that every Investment Banker or Consultant should know. If you are not entirely sure what a Shift-Sister Shortcut is and why they ... Read More


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